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Recent Upgrade Implants 325cc to 550cc - Unhappy with Results, Considering 3rd Surgery

I just had my 325cc saline implants replaced with 550cc silicone implants about 4 days ago. Prior to the surgery, I had extreme rippling due to dramatic weight loss. As a result, I have nearly no fatty tissue in the breast area.I wanted larger breasts and had 325cc saline implants. I upgraded to a larger size of 550cc and went with the silicone type of implant. I love the larger look in... READ MORE

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Hi, I actually was given a considerable discount the 2nd time around. Normally the first surgery for silicone implants in my area is about $6K....I was charged only $3,500 for the 2nd upgrade. I am very pleased with my doctors work... READ COMMENT

I didn't get any stretch marks nor any rippling - I just upgraded my 550cc implants to 800cc. My ps did state because of the weight of the implants, I more than likely will require a breast lift in about 20 years. Pre-implants, I was... READ COMMENT

I do not thing 600cc would be too large - I think that may put you at a DDD/E cup. I just had my implants upgraded to 800cc Mentor HP Silicone unders over a week ago (I was an B cup pre-implants and now I am a 34DDD). I am very happy... READ COMMENT

Hi, I think the severe closeness of your implants are due to the pocket your surgeon created for your implants. I had my PS redo my pockets with my revision closer together and I have about an inch between them. I am not sure if... READ COMMENT

Hi ~ After 11 days since my surgery, I took measurements of myself and according to the bra size calculator, I am a 34DDD. We shall see if this changes as time goes by! I am super happy with the results!!! I can still wear my VS... READ COMMENT