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Facelift Nightmare......can't Believe It Happened - Dallas, TX

Had a facelift in 2012 and it looked amazing for about 15 months, then a very prominent bulge appeared on the left side of my face. Went back to my PS and asked him to " only tighten up the are where the bulge was." He wanted to do a buccal fat pad reduction. After much research I told him I... READ MORE

Questions from Leisa1

Facelift was bulging on the sides 1 year post-op. Why? (photo)

I had a beautiful facelift about 2 years ago. After 13 months it started bulging on the side and I wanted it "fixed". My surgeon insisted it was my buccal fat pad and... READ MORE

This is 14 months posts facelift. To me this looks like lateral sweep. Am I right or wrong? (Photo)

This pic was taken 14 months post facelift that looked perfect. I have been This was taken 14 months post facelift. Before this time it was smooth and perfect. Was would cause... READ MORE

Now I'm 2 months post facelift revision. What is this puckering area? (photos)

Can you pls tell me what this puckered area is? Dr. Was asked only to pull up area and smooth out. Instead he took out large amount of subcutaneous fat! READ MORE

My perioral mounds are very prominent, marionette lines very deep, and my face is very thin. What can be done to help? (Photo)

I had a facelift 2 years ago and it was beautiful until about 14 months postoperative and the left side near my mouth started bulging. My Doc said he wanted to do buccal fat... READ MORE

PS took large amount of fat out of my face when he was only suppose to "tighten up" area. What can be done? (photos)

Had wonderful facelift. Started bulging 15 mos postop.. Asked PS to tighten up jowl and when I woke up he stated he had taken ou large amount of subcutaneous fat! He had wanted... READ MORE

Had a lift in 2012, side started bulging 15 months later. I asked PS to tighten or pull up bulging area. He removed fat! (Photo)

What can be done to correct these facial deformities after PS removed a large amount of subcutaneous fat, in my revision facelift which he was just suppose to tighten the... READ MORE

Had facelift revision 15 months ago, now skin is loose and thin. PS took large amount of subcutaneous fat out of my face!

Had facelift in 2012. Was great until a bulge started forming on left side..(jowl). Asked PS to "just tighten that area" he decided to remove large amount of subcutaneous fat.... READ MORE

3 years post op, bulge on left side, asked PS to tighten up a little, but he removed fat. What can be done? (Photo)

Great deal of subcutaneOus fat was removed when revision facelift was done 15 months after original. PS was asked only to tighten area that bulged. Now my skin is lax and... READ MORE

PS took large amount of subcutaneous fat out of lower face above jawline. Face is falling! What can be done? (Photo)

I have been on here before, but my face is rapidly getting worse. Had facelift in 2012 and redivision by same guy in February of 2014 due to some bulging on left cheek. He took... READ MORE

Face feels like it's collapsing after so much fat was removed from lower face after facelift 2 years ago. What can help? (Photo)

I had a facelift from Warren Katz 2 years ago. He removed a large amount of subcutaneous fat from my lower and side face. This has been a nightmare ever since! My cheeks have... READ MORE

Had a revision facelift 2 weeks ago and a lateral browlift, and quad bleph. I am not pleased at all. Please can you assess.

I had a revision facelift 2 weeks ago and look much worse than before I went. The doctor told me that I needed a quad bleph with a lateral canthopexy . I did not think so, but... READ MORE

Had revision facelift 2 weeks ago. Had quad bleph dr also did lateral browlift. I don't think this looks right at all (Photo)

Went in for revision facelift 2 weeks ago after previous surgeon had taken large amoun of subcut fat out of both sides of my face. Dr. Insisted I needed a quad bleph with... READ MORE

I had a quad bleph and the incision isn't in the natural crease. Eyes are uneven and lids overhang. What can be done? (Photo)

Dr. Insisted I needed quad bleph. He made his incision starting below the crease and then out over the crease. Removed all fat pads from lower lid now I have troughs. READ MORE

Is this common for a midfacelift ? It is very disturbing to me. I find it unsightly. (photos)

Had a midfacelift and facelift revision about 4 weeks ago to give more volume to midface and lift jowls. Now sides of face are completely flat. Face has fallen. Ears are much... READ MORE

What kind of ear deformity is this? (Photo)

Doesn't look like my ear did before and is painful. READ MORE

My tragus and the back of both ears are still red and inflamed at 7 weeks post-op facelift. Is this normal? (Photos)

My tragus and the back of both ears are red and inflamed after 7 weeks post facelift revision. I called PS office and he said to go to ER or PCP. Went to PCP and was put on... READ MORE

Please tell me what in the world has happened? (Photo)

Went for a revision with fat transfer and midface lift . Look what has happened. Please explain. READ MORE

I had facelift revision. PS said I had houndog eyes & needed a quad bleph. I'm extremely disappointed. What can be done? (Photo)

PS stated I had hound dog eyes and needed a quad bleph. I went to him, because it needed a facelift revision with fat transfer. I had been hollowed out by another surgeon who... READ MORE

Needed a revision facelift and facial fat grafting after much fat loss from previous facelift. Can you tell by this report?

Needed a revision facelift and facial fat grafting. PS said he specialized in the face and could restore volume. Can you tell by this op report what was done? My face looks... READ MORE

Follow-up: This ear is not right! There's a gap between the lobe &where the tragus starts where you can lay a finger in.(photos)

What can be done about this ear. Very ugly and uncomfortable. Tragus is continuing to pull forward. Has only been 7 1/2 weeks. READ MORE

What happened to my ear? It is much larger and still painful. I'm 9 weeks post op (Photo)

What in the world happened to my ear? Had revision facelift. My ear is much larger and still some painful after 9 weeks. READ MORE

Discussions started by Leisa1

Had facelift and loved it until it started bulging on one side. Ps went back and took large amount of fat out!!

Asked ps to tighten left side a little due to bulging and some looseness that had happened. He wanted to do buccal fat reduction, but after much research I didn't want that... READ MORE

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The idiot I went to only put 2cc in each cheek and REMOVED all fat pads from under my lids.... The nightmare continues!!!!! READ COMMENT

Did his fat transfer to your face turn out ok? I was actually thinking of going to him, but the last thing I need is another nightmare. READ COMMENT

Honey, I too have had a nightmare surgery from a board certified PS. It has consumed me and I understand what you are going through.mi can't believe I paid someone to do this to me. Please get an attourney. Ask them if it were their... READ COMMENT