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32 Year Old - Asymmetric Fat Loss to Face with Malar Crescent - Temp Fillers Too Temporary for Me! - Cincinnati, OH

I am going in a few weeks to Cincinnati to meet with well respected facial plastic surgeon Dr. Donath. I have in previous reviews, reported on my use and temporary satisfaction with, Voluma and juvederm xc to fix my facial insecurities, but sadly after paying for THREE $800 syringes of Voluma ($2400), and 1 $600 syringe of Juvederm... I am left with only about half a year of results. The... READ MORE

Hoping for "Old Hollywood Glamour Lips" - 4mm Top and Bottom- No More Vanishing Top Lip. - Westerville, Ohio

Two years ago I went for Juvederm to fill in my parenthesis lines. The doctor had a little more left (half of one syringe) and suggested a large impact could be made if we put it in my upper lip. I never had obsessed about my small upper lip before that, but once I saw it bigger I realized I LOVED the look. I never wanted a small upper lip again. It made me look so much prettier to have a lip... READ MORE

Vitalize Peel Worked Much Better for Me Than the Stronger VI Peel, Perrysburg, OH

I had a VI peel earlier this year and wrote a negative review of that because it did not make my skin peel or produce results in making my skin any better. It was like my skin was immune to any effects of it. However, as fall approached and my skin suddenly turned terrible with adult acne, I tried the Vitalize Peel which is not even supposed to be as strong as the VI Peel, but it gave me... READ MORE

31 Years Old Cheek Augumentation for Youth Preservation with 2 (now 3) Doses of Voluma. UPDATE: Has not lasted long :(

I tried Juvederm 10 months ago and loved it, but it was wearing off, so I needed to once again deal with the slight beginning of signs of aging. This time I decided to try Voluma in my cheeks because it lasts 2 years they say, and that is a better cost/ per day value . At first I got 1 syringe of it, and was delighted to literally feel and see a lift, but in a few hours I realized I would need... READ MORE

Baking Soda & Water Scrub Works Better, Cheaper. Not Impressed with VI Peel Lack of Results. - Maumee, OH

I was excited to try the VI peel, thinking I would see some amazing results I have never yet experienced. I followed the after treatment procedures to a t. I have to say, this is really disappointing. One thing I should mention, is that it could be just that it does not work on ME. The reason being that various doctors throughout my life, whether it being a botox injection, or an IV... READ MORE

5'9" 134lbs -400/ 425 cc Paid off Student Loan Early - Boobs Are my Reward! Pear Shape to Hourglass! Birmingham, MI

As an extremely frugal individual, I never expected I'd buy myself a gift of breast implants! But here is what happened... I paid my student loans off early, and as a reward, decided to spoil myself for once on an entirely frivolous cosmetic procedure to enhance my figure. I'm only 31 and figure, why not have nice big boobs? Life is for the living. I am going ahead with it for the sake of the... READ MORE

1 Cc of Juvederm for Nasiolabial Folds and Lips at Age 30 Marathon Runner Face. Dundee, MI

I noticed that my 30 year old face was looking jaded. Maybe because I am a marathon runner and have run all the youthfulness out of my face. I have been the same weight (130 lbs, 5'9") since I was 18, so it's not due to weight loss, just age. I found a groupon for Juvederm and decided to give it a try. To my sincere happiness, this product is amazing! One syringe was injected into my... READ MORE

Careprost (Generic Latisse) for Longer Eyelashes - Perrysburg, OH

I don't really have an insecurity with my lashes to begin with, but I definitely wouldn't mind having longer lashes, why not? Long lashes are beautiful! After doing some research, I decided to purchase a bottle of Careprost, which cost me $30 total (including shipping) instead of $160 which is the price at my local medspa. It has the exact same ingredients in it, and I am finding it to be an... READ MORE

30 Yr Old First Time Botox for Frown Lines - 20 Units - Perrysburg, OH

I don't know when I first started to notice it, maybe the last 3 years or so, but I saw that in certain lighting, I had a bad indentation between my eyebrows from repetitive muscle movement. I hated how this feature of my face was consuming so much of my thoughts negatively when I looked in the mirror. I bought "Frownies" but they didn't work well enough on the "11's" over the course of a year... READ MORE

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Cool! I went to him! My name is Adrianne. I liked his results. READ COMMENT

Fara!! You look amazing! Since we are both patients of Dr. Donath, it is especially exciting for me to see just how beautiful the fat transfer had held up for you! Seriously, thanks to the internet, and Real Self, and finding your... READ COMMENT

I personally like my permalips because they are physically there implanted and not going anywhere. I have heard fat in lips can go quicker because you move your mouth alot, whereas, fat in cheeks can stay years. Permalips (mine are... READ COMMENT