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26 Year Old 5'1" 103 Lb 325 cc on Aug 26-Las Vegas, NV - post up updates*

Hello! I'm a petite girl considering BA. I spent all middle and high school waiting for my body to fill out. I was even hopeful going into college. After seven years of college, a Doctorate degree, and a husband, I know that if I want to change my body, I'm going to have to take active measures. I want this for myself. Almost every time I look in the mirror after I shower, my thoughts go... READ MORE

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I just did 325 cc two weeks ago in Las Vegas :) I'm 5'1'' with a 37 inch rib cage. The first week I went back and forth debating whether they were too big or too small. Now I think they are just right. I could of went a little bigger... READ COMMENT

I went under the breast because I wanted a quick recovery time, and wanted the best chance to still be able to breast feed in the future. I also didn't care if I had a scar there either. Best of luck choosing ! READ COMMENT

Good luck! Mine was yesterday!!! Some parts are easy, but I'm having the most difficulty getting out and bed, and flushing the toilet lol. READ COMMENT

Yes, good luck to us!!! Now I'm wavering toward 350, the bigg side!! Isn't it funny how often we change our mind :) only one week left to decide! READ COMMENT

Yay! Date twinsies ! I'm slowly prepping for the date! I bought most my essentials, I have our maid coming this Thursday (so thankful for that!) , and I'm hoping to do some light grocery shopping on the Sunday before. I'm flying to New... READ COMMENT