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Girl, you look good. I hope you don't mind if I use your pics for my wish pics! I had BA/BL 2 years ago, 300cc. I need to go bigger. :-) READ COMMENT

A couple of reasons. I don't think they are big enough, but more importantly I don't like how they look. I feel like they don't sit in the pocket like they should (a little too high, the side profile doesn't look good)and aren't rounded... READ COMMENT

My surgery is July 6 too. TT, lipo and possible implant exchange. READ COMMENT

Hubby said he would give me some money. YAY! I would like to go bigger. I'm thinking 450-500. We'll see what Dr Gill says. I am 5'6, 154. So I'm thinking I could accommodate it. READ COMMENT

You look great. I too am going to use you as my wish picture. Going in for TT in July and want to do an implant exchange to go bigger. I so excited I got Hubbys approval last night. READ COMMENT