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WOW! You look great. I am 3 weeks post on my TT and lipo to thighs as well. I agree with you, why didn't I do this when I was younger, not wait until my 50's. Oh wait, I know, kids came first. My question is how long did you feel... READ COMMENT

I am 3 weeks post tomorrow. I got my drains out at 9 days and was given the OK to start trying to stand up straight. Although I am better, but still can't stand straight. The reasons for not standing straight is to not stretch that... READ COMMENT

I have a very stylish CG, it is capri style. And yes, I am in 100 degree weather too. I have been staying inside. Also, because I don't have anything to wear over all this stuff and I still walk hunched over and very slow. Not quite... READ COMMENT

I am 16 days po (July 6). I had TT, lipo to inner and outer thighs and implant exchange. I have had the CG since I woke up in the hospital. I will say that I am definetly used to it. although having binder a CG is a little much. Oh... READ COMMENT

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks for me since I had my TT, implant exchange, and lipo on the inner and outer thighs and knees. I figured since I was going under lets get it done. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. The first couple... READ COMMENT