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I use a actual online company a TCA 30 and Jessner's should take about a month to stop peeling all the way or atleast that is the way my skin is. I start cracking day 2 even with emu oil and by day 3 I am peeling and I peel full blown... READ COMMENT

Http:// I just ordered this it is 30% off right now. this will be my first time trying this product READ COMMENT

I have used post peel creams and oinments but, I am hearing from plactic surgoens and Derms- Aquaphor, I use the Aquaphor, neosporin with pain relief, emu oil ( from platnuim skin care), the first 5 to 7 days because you do not want you... READ COMMENT

Yes my pigment lessen every peel, I will not touch a lazer after being burned that was enough for me and it hurt for days. I will take the 5 to 10 min pel burn and the longer recovery time, but how we care for the pel those 10 days... READ COMMENT

Between lef0x day to day details and what her doctor did in detail added with the information I found an used plus the platuim line, I had a great peel, lef0x information put me at ease as I gather all the products for pre peel , peel... READ COMMENT