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Fractional CO2 Laser - Delray Beach

I had laser resurfacing in June and I am absolutely thrilled. I had Fraxel Repair under my eyes two years ago and it was a waste of money. The doctor even agreed that it did not work for me. Two years later, different doctor: resurfacing results with the Lutronic eCO2 laser is amazing. The lines around my eyes are much better and the lines around my mouth, some of which were very deep, are... READ MORE

Restylane for Tear Troughs - Delray Beach, FL

After debating and researching for well over a year, I finally had the courage to have Restylane injected into my tear troughs and I am thrilled. There was minimal discomfort, not really pain. I had slight bruising and swelling for about two weeks. Definitely would not hesitate to have it done again. READ MORE

Questions from jackster212

Can Fillers Take Care of Vertical Lips Lines?

Can fillers take care of vertical lips lines? And if so, what one would you suggest? READ MORE

Lower Eyelid "Skin Pinch"

What does a lower eyelid "skin pinch" address exactly and does it have the same potential complications as a lower Blepharoplasty? Would this be a good option for someone who... READ MORE

Skin Pinch in Cheek Lift?

Could you explain in further detail the skin pinch with support of the corner of the eye, usually with an ultrashort incision cheeklift (USIC)? Thank you. READ MORE

Tretinoin for Lines in Under Eye Area?

Would you recommend using tretinoin cream in the under eye area for lines? READ MORE

Acculift As a Less Invasive Alternative to Facelift?

Does anyone have any info on the Acculift procedure performed with the AccuSculpt 1444 laser? Supposedly, it removes wrinkles and jowls, and tightens skin for patients who... READ MORE

Looking for an Excellent Eye Plastic Surgeon in the Ft.Lauderdale Area

Who has great expertise in Restylane for the under eye area. Thank you. READ MORE

Is Restylane for Under Eyes Safe for Patient with Allergies?

I am considering having Restylane injected for my under eye area and was wondering if it is advisable because I have allergies. These cause swelling/bags under my eyes but the... READ MORE

Opinions on Stem Cell Facelift?

Is the "stem cell facelift" hype or something worth looking into? I have seen wonderful before and after photos, but I have learned not to always trust them. Thank... READ MORE

IPL for Brown Spots and Spider Veins on Lower Legs?

If IPL works for brown spots and veins on the face, hands, and chest would it do the same for age spots and spider veins on the lower legs? If not, what might help? Thank you. READ MORE

Is There Anything That Can Reduce the Appearance of Bags Caused by Malar Edema?

The amount of puffiness varies daily as well as throughout the day. Would surgery and/or fillers help? READ MORE

Eyerase for under eye puffiness

Eyerase...does Anyone Have Any Info on Radio Frequency to Vaporize Fat and Erase Under-eye Puffiness? READ MORE

Fraxel Repair or Lutronics ECO2 for Periorbital and Peri-Oral Areas?

Which of these lasers would give the best results for the periorbital and peri-oral areas? Thank you. READ MORE

Will Radiesse to the Lateral Cheek Area Make Mylar Edema More Pronounced?

I really could use some lift/filler to my lateral cheek area, but I'm concerned it may make the bags from mylar edema worse as well the under eye wrinkles. Any suggestions... READ MORE

Can Hyaluronidase Be Used Incrementally to Avoid Dissolving All of the Juvederm?

I had Juvederm injected in my tear troughs over a month ago which caused major swelling and the Tyndall effect. Is there any way only some of the Juvederm can be dissolved if... READ MORE

Could Someone Tell Me About Hylaronia-LL? Is It Better or Longer Lasting Than Restylane? Thanks.

Could Someone Tell Me About Hylaronia-LL?  Is It Better or Longer Lasting Than Restylane? Thanks. READ MORE

Is Exilis Helpful in Reducing Lines Around the Perioral Region?

What is your overall opinion on this device for facial tightening? Thank you. READ MORE

Thermitight on a thin face for jowls?

I have a long thin face with mild to moderate jowls. Would thermatight eliminate or reduce them? Thank you. READ MORE

Thermatight vs co2 laser?

I was planning on doing both procedures, but would it be better to do the luctronics co2 laser before thermatight? Thank you! READ MORE

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IPL treatments for dry eye syndrome?

Does anyone have any information on IPL for dry eye syndrome? I read an article about this new treatment and would appreciate any feed back. READ MORE

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Hi there. Please give more info on your procedures and post or PM photos. I live in the South FL area...east coast and very curious about the Quick lift in particular. Was all your work done under local? $1,800 for both procedures... READ COMMENT

Your eyes look great! Was it done under local? Have you had any fillers done by Dr. Albert? Thanks for any info you can provide. READ COMMENT

LG, I'm so sorry to hear about your outcome. DO you think things will improve over time? Would you share your doctor's name to help others? Wishing you well. READ COMMENT

Nashap...would you mind telling me your derm's name in Boca? I am in that area and would like to know of a WONDERFUL injector, etc. Thanks so much. READ COMMENT

The other doc is Thomas Tzikas in Delay Beach. Do you know of any other good injectors? Good luck! READ COMMENT