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Weirdeyes,it will go away, I meant chipmunk, it will be lifted up.It last somtimes longer that 6 months,.. But there are other issues, you might develop- or hopefully nor- holows under eyes.. lets hope not, every case is slightly... READ COMMENT

Hi weirdeyes, I was there 11 month ago ! First and last time, since I was sick from it generally, and results now- after botox is finnaly gone- is - droopy eyebrows, under them slightly hooded eyelids, with extra portion of new skin,... READ COMMENT

I cant believe this botulotoxin - heavy poison is still out there available legally and there is no serious action already done !!! with success against preventing next poisonning of innocent people. If you- anybody who is capable or... READ COMMENT

Yes, I noticed- but only after ! this happend to me, I went through these pages, spent hours searching- if I would have done this before I wouldnt go to have this procedure done - NEVER ! Those ladies write basicly the same things , so... READ COMMENT

I had botox last year , April, 15th, forehead, crowsfeets, between eyes, currugator, procerus, orbicularis oculi and frontalis muscle effected. Outcome ugly,hollows under eyes, droopy cheeks, now I have extra skin on lower and upper... READ COMMENT