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30 Year Old Lower Abdomen Area (CoolSculpting) - Liverpool, GB

Had Vaser a while ago and although it worked i had to wear a compression garment for 6 months.. Having put the weight back on i wanted non-invasive approach so opted for Cool Sculpting. Straight after the treatment i had no pain and can already day to day activities. Will update as i progress. I am only having one treatment for now. Not sure for now as i have only just had it done. No... READ MORE

Upper and Lower Abs and Flanks - Liverpool, UK

Took a while to research whether it was worth getting done, but felt it would much harder to try a shift the fat through exercise. One person told me it would take a year of hard exercise to shift my belly fat and some fat is very hard to shift full stop. I am due to have the procedure on the 17th May and will update this review with my experience and photos. Little bit nervous but am... READ MORE

Questions from LpoolLad29

If i just get my upper and lower abs done using Vaser Lipo would it make a difference to my result if I leave my flanks? (Photo)

Having Vaser lipo on my upper and lower abs, but can't decide whether leaving my flanks would make much difference. I am also concerned about recovery as i sleep on my sides.... READ MORE

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Thanks Gina, will keep this post updated and share any thoughts on my progress. So far so good. Regards Mark READ COMMENT

Glad you starting to see proper results now Rae! My swelling is still there too but almost 5 weeks on I'm starting to see it going down. Ultrasound definitely helps as you say! The difference from you before pics is great now so just... READ COMMENT

Hi Rae, My swelling got worse around day 7 but now it's been almost 3 weeks it's getting better. I honestly believe it may be due to you have had so many MLD massages in a short space. The clinic i used only recommended it once every... READ COMMENT

Great before and after pics! And as you said it will only get better! Hope the pain subsides soon. I feel completely normal now and it's only been 8 days :) will update my pics soon.. READ COMMENT

Yeah I found the same with the leakage it will pass.. Glad it's going well! Having the massage at the NU clinic, it has definitely smoothed everything out.. Should get the first around the 4th or 5th day I would say.. READ COMMENT