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Is V Beam Safe for Ethnic Skin?

Hi, I am 43, suffer from melasma and have tried Triluma, Cosmelan and a Vitamin C serum at different times for it with mixed results.The first two made the hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

How Much Would a Lower Body Lift with Brazillian Butt Lift Cost?

I am a woman in my early forties who's lost 40 lbs and am looking to lose 20-30 more. I I have a lot of sagging all over my body and flattening of the buttocks. I know... READ MORE

Can Liposuction Cause Internal Keloids?

For people with ethnic backgrounds or other people who have the tendency to keloid? READ MORE

Recovery Time for Breast Reduction and Arm Lift Combination?

I know that people often go back to work in a couple of weeks from an arm lift or breast reduction but I am wondering if the surgical combination of the two might mean more... READ MORE

Avoiding Pulling Incisions After Lower Body or Inner Thigh Lift

I'm researching about lower body lift including an inner thigh lift and I'm concerned about how the patient is supposed to avoid pulling on these areas during the... READ MORE

Do Mini Facelifts Cost Less?

I realize that many of the doctors here hold the heavily advertised mini facelifts in low regard, and I'm not referring to them specifically. I am thinking about a patient that... READ MORE

Muscle Repair with Lower Body Lift?

Hi, I read something recently about the Lower body lift addressing "muscle repair" that had "fallen." I do know that muscle repair is often involved with a... READ MORE

Can Muscle Repair in Tummy Tuck Improve Posture?

We're always told to strengthen our abs for better posture and I'm curious as to whether the surgery might also help. Thanks! READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a Belt Lipectomy and an Extended Tummy Tuck?

I am interested in the benefits of a lower body lift that circles the body and includes the outer and medial thighs and buttocks areas but am a bit confused by the terminology.... READ MORE

How Soon After One Procedure Can Another Be Performed?

A plastic surgeon I consulted with told me she'd be more comfortable doing the plastic surgery in stages, say, breast lift/reduction first, then face lift. How soon after... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Lower Facelift Together?

I'm 44 and had a breast reduction in 1989. The procedure was successful aside from needing radiation under my breasts for keloids. As I am older now with sagging skin... READ MORE

Downtime for Full Facelift?

I often read that it takes 10 days to recover from a face lift but I don't know if that includes upper and lower blephs plus browlift, which people often have at the same... READ MORE

Do Arnica Montana and Bromelain Really Work for Healing After Surgery?

I see these things recomended as gospel post surgery all of the time, yet I know the supplement industry is not regulated and some people actually do themselves actual harm... READ MORE

How is Liposuction Done on Sagging Skin in Conjunction W/ Body Lift?

My research tells me that liposcution is commonly done in conjunction w/ body lifts, thigh lifts, etc. I also know that the ideal skin to lipo is firm. I'm having a hard... READ MORE

Can Someone Who Has Mild Blepheritis and Mild Dry Eye Get Upper and Lower Eyelifts?

I have mild blepharitis (mild in that it rarely bothers me-I have a light daily routine of washing the lids w/ warm water and a Q-tip) I had the blepheritis chronically in my... READ MORE

Which of the Following Surgeries Stresses the Body Most?

Breast reduction, vs. facelift, vs. armlift. All the same in terms of stress on the body or are some more stressful than others? Assume similar laxity, excess skin, tone, etc.... READ MORE

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Congrats! Now the entire world can see how gorgeous you are. You must be really proud of your hard work! READ COMMENT

...and the other search term they edited out is make me heal. I guess they don't like competition. READ COMMENT

How annoying, they edited out the websites I wrote. You can do a search for Dr. Loftus using infoplasticsurgery on Google. My complements to realself have been subdued given their editing practices but it's still a fair resource. READ COMMENT

$15,000-$20,000 is the standard range but it can go as high as $50,000 depending on what you do/don't have to deal with. You may also need to consider budgeting for aftercare/time off work. There's a lot of good information on this... READ COMMENT

Good for you! I'm so glad you feel so positive about the procedure. I know what it's like to lust after something and finally get it! Enjoy. READ COMMENT