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Botox While on Microcurrent Treatment?

I am in the middle of a course of Microcurrent treatment. Can I also have Botox or is it best to wait until I finish the Microcurrent course? READ MORE

Will my Face Look Odd if I Don't Have a Face Lift when I Have Under Eye Surgery

I am 56 years of age, I have fairly good skin but it is just starting to jowl a bit by my jaws. I am thinking of having upper and lower eye bag surgery as my top lid has some... READ MORE

Will Pubic Hair Grow Back After Tummy Tuck?

Prior to my tummy tuck some of my pubic hair had fallen out and did not grow. I assume this was due to the overhang of excess skin which rubbed on my pubic bone. Will it grow... READ MORE

Can Having a B/R Help in Losing Weight?

I am 3 weeks post op after B/R and uplift. I seem to have lost weight without really trying that hard. I have been a little careful with my diet but I was careful before the... READ MORE

How Many Syringes of Radiesse Are Needed for Hand Rejuvenation?

I was informed by my clinic that the price for hand rejuvenation using Radiesse filler was £500. I had the treatment and at first my hands were swollen. The swelling then... READ MORE

Concerns About Filler in Nasolabial and Marionette Lines in Face, Will it Make my Face Look Fat?

I am a young looking 57 but nasolabial lines plus marionette lines and jowls, (although they are not very deep) give my age away. Will filler help or will it make my face... READ MORE

How long are fillers in the hands supposed to last?

I had fillers in my hands and the effect  only lasteda matter of weeks.(I had paid £500 for this). I went back to the clinic and after writing a letter of... READ MORE

Sore Eyes 3 Weeks After Upper and Lower Bleph, Normal?

My eyes are sore 3 weeks after surgery. The scars are fading well and the whites of my eyes appear to have returned to normal but my eyes feel tight and irritated and it feels... READ MORE

One Eye Looks Different to the Other 5 Weeks After Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty?

I think the reason my right eye appears smaller than the left is that the V of my eye, near my nose, is closer together than the other eye so that you cannot see as much of the... READ MORE

I Am 57 and Have Sun Damage Abd Red Veins. I Had Botox. What Facial/treatments Will Make a Difference?

I am going to be the mother of the bride in 4 weeks.I have redness and red veins around my nose and chin. I have some sun damage - sun spots and open pores. My jowls are... READ MORE

Trout Pout 2 Years After Lip Filler? (photo)

I had Restylane in my lips 2 years ago. I was injected into the cupids bow and around the edges of my top lip. My top lip seems bigger than my bottom lip and the space between... READ MORE