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Does High Frequency treatments affected fillers and botox?

I get regular facials due to my acne breakouts. I have started going to a new place that offers a treatment called "High Frequency". It kind of makes this buzzing noise, and I... READ MORE

How can I improve my mid face/ cheek area with fillers or implants? (photo)

I am quite thin (size 0) but my face is and looks very oval/long ,"chubby" cheeks.In my case being thin doesn't give me a more chiseled or contoured face. I don't have... READ MORE

Can Pulsed Dye Laser like Vbeam be used when you have dermal fillers?

I have a few red acne marks (not scars) after a break out on my cheeks. I have radiesse in my cheeks and JUVEDERM in my laugh lines. Is it safe to do Vbeam ? Will it effect or... READ MORE

Can you get cheek implants if you still have remaining cheek filler such as radiesse?

Do I need to wait until the filler has worn off completely or can I get the implant while there is still some filler? Also will it effect the implant ? Or are they not even... READ MORE

Is IPL or laser treatments safe when you have cheek implants?

I have cheek implants And I am interested in getting IPL or a laser treatment for acne marks I have on my cheeks. I do not have any acne scarring but I do have a reddish... READ MORE

Can cheek implants cause or trigger trigeminal neuralgia?

I had cheek implants put in 2yrs ago.No issues or pain in recovery.Didn't even bruise!They are beautiful.Now I have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia,symptoms have been... READ MORE