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Didn't Last 2 Weeks... - England

I had botox at Christmas,and within 2/3 weeks it had all but dissapeared,and i reckon that many doctors/therapist dilute the botox ?I cant expand on my question as we are only allotted so many words? I did explain fully initially , but was not allowed to because of just a few words.! READ MORE

Questions from secrets

Where Would I Find a Radical Cosmetic Surgeon?

Where would i find a doctor who is much more radical than most.? i dont have wrinkles or much loose skin,but i would like a tight jawline/lower face,to give a slimmer look....... READ MORE

Tighten Jaw Line Without General Anesthesia?

Is it possible to get a sharper/tighter jawline without the the need for general anesthesia? Can it be done using only a local anesthetic? READ MORE

Is Bio Alcamid a Good Permanent Filler?

I really don't like fillers that have to be repeated constantly. Through time, I have seen a "dragging" effect on friends of mine; likewise with Botox. Is Bio-alcamid a good... READ MORE

Fillers in Hands?

Can i have fillers in my hands? i did have fat transfer 18 months ago,but it was gone within 3 months,so i wondered if there was a filler which can be used.? READ MORE

True Face Lift Incisions?

I had a facelift in Costa Rica 19 months ago. The results were gone within 3 months, and I had no incisions in the temple area! Now, if I pull up from above my ears, I can... READ MORE

Alternative Facelift Without Surgery

I live in the UK and two doctors specialise in facelifts using fillers/botox and laser. Is this a viable alternative to surgery as i had facial surgery in Costa Rica which was... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Lower Facelift Revision in London?

I now am contemplating another facelift (lower face)after disastrous results in Costa Rica.....but i want a very tight jawline and preferably with a local anesthetic. A subtle... READ MORE

Had a Lower Facelift with No Bruising, No Tightness, and Back To Normal in 20 Min?

A lower facelift with no bruising,no tightness,and to be back to normal within 20 minutes? READ MORE

Who Does a Deep Plane Facelift?

I have had 2 disastrous facelifts,in that the results were nil. The results lasted only a matter of months,and i am sure that only the skin was lifted.? Certainly i traveled... READ MORE

Radio frequency skin tightening. Does it work for tightening facial skin, and are the results long lasting?

Twice now I have had surgery to tighten lower face,to make my face look slimmer,and both times it has been absolute rubbish in that I looked exactly the same . I did go to... READ MORE

Does PLEXR really lift and tighten the skin ?

I read various reviews and have no idea if it does what it claims. I would like the jowls and lower face made tighter ,and the claims are that results are permanent? READ MORE

Dental implants in India?

Recently I have seen dental implants advertised in India which claim to do the complete procedure in one visit.Is this possible and viable.? READ MORE

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Costa Rica cosmetic surgery didn't last

I consider i have wasted thousands of $$$ by going to a doctor in Costa Rica for facelift. i have no wrinkles but wanted a slimmer lower face/tight jawline.! i was advised to... READ MORE

Is this normal for lower facelift? dr Kaleninski

I recently went to Dr Kalecinski in Poland for lower face lift.! I arrived at 9.30am...he went though the motions,i had a local anesthetic ,and within 20 minutes after the... READ MORE

Has anyone tried the Beauty Ion Pro Deluxe, The Ultimate Galvanic Skin Toning Machine for Face Lift, Tummy Tuck and More?

I am very tempted to buy this machine.....just wondering if anyone here has any experience of the results.? It is pricey ,but if it works,its still far cheaper than surgery,and... READ MORE

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How long is a Thread lift supposed to last please.? READ COMMENT

How long is a thread lift supposed to last please? READ COMMENT

What was the cost please.? READ COMMENT

Sounds to be a very good surgeon and obviously listens to what you require. READ COMMENT

How long does a threadlift last? READ COMMENT