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Refused to Perform Cosmetic Surgery on Patient with Depression

Do you ever refuse to perform cosmetic surgery on a patient with a history of depression, and if so, what are your criteria? READ MORE

Thermage for Localized Fat Removal?

If Thermage was making people lose fat in their faces, why can't this effect be harnessed as a localized fat removal procedure? Is anyone researching this? READ MORE

Is Bloating After General Anesthesia More Than Just Constipation?

Doctors, mine included, seem to be of the opinion that any abdominal bloating after general anesthesia is due to the constipating effect of the anesthesia. However, I've... READ MORE

How Can I Research a Cosmetic Treatment to Find out if It Really Works?

Where should prospective patients look to find scientific, objective validation of a procedure? No one who stands to benefit financially from offering a treatment will admit... READ MORE

Why Does Zeltiq Coolsculpting Only Reduce Fat by 25%?

Zeltiq supposedly yields a 25% reduction of fat in the areas treated. But if Zeltiq chills all the fat to the same temperature, then why does only 25% of it die? Does the fat... READ MORE

Why Are Bodysculpting Before/after Pictures So Mediocre?

Is it possible to look like anything remotely resembling the images on the brochures for the procedure?  READ MORE

Have Been Getting Botox Every 10 Weeks Since 2009, but in 2011 a Line Appeared Across my Forehead Anyway. Why? (photo)

Read this before you answer: I am depressed, and I live and work alone, so my facial expressions are minimal. I have no crows' feet at all, despite not ever getting Botox... READ MORE

Will I Benefit from Exilis if I Already Had Laser Skin Tightening?

I had LuxIR skin tightening and got the maximum 30% tightening benefit, according to the aesthetician. If I get Exilis, will I get more tightening, or is the 30% across all... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if the Doctor is Actually Giving Me the Amount of Botox He Says I'm Getting?

They could be charging me for 50 units and only giving me 40, right? How would I ever know? Is there any way for a patient to tell just by watching what the doctor is doing? READ MORE

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Wow...OK. But it's not the Botox causing the arch, it's the muscle that hasn't been adequately Botoxed. READ COMMENT

How could Botox ever raise your eyebrows beyond their natural position? It sounds like this woman has never had Botox and is just making stuff up. READ COMMENT

Lymph node? READ COMMENT

I've heard good things about copper peptides for scarring. READ COMMENT

MamaBear: You say the left leg went down a full 1/2 inch and the right didn't, even though it has always been the larger one. Do you remember which leg they did first? I've seen the asymmetry issue in other posts on RealSelf and am... READ COMMENT