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Made a Big Difference and Lasts

I had Artefill in December of 2008.  Two syringes in the nasolabial folds, more in the right side than left.  I am very happy with the results.  I noticed immediate improvement, with slightly more over the next three months.  I have not had any adverse reactions and the improved has been permanent so far - I've been told that "long lasting" is the phrase... READ MORE

BE CAREFUL - Not Worth It with Anyone but a Trained Liposuction Surgeon

This review is for anyone considering Smartlipo.  I'm not anti-smartlipo, but this procedure is significantly misrepresented by Cynosure, the maker of the smartlipo machine and publisher of the brochures, along with many doctors who should NOT be anywhere near this device.  I'm one of the unlucky ones who got a quack in Batavia, New York that thinks he's an expert since he took... READ MORE

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I haven't been on realself in years, but your comment got my attention. I developed granulomas in all four areas of the Artefill injections. The largest ever reported. I have been getting steriod & 5fu shots for months and probably... READ COMMENT

Ginny, My Artefil was immediate and lasting. In fact, I'm going on three years and still have all the improvement, and have not had any adverse side effects. I hope this helps. READ COMMENT

It's still in place and I'm happy with it. No problems whatsoever. READ COMMENT

I've had it going on two years - 12/2007, not 2008. It's still great. No side effects at all. Good luck. READ COMMENT

This is an excellent review and right on the money. Thank you. READ COMMENT