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Rhinoplasty with Dr. Harrell - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi everyone, so I got my nose done a little over one month or two months ago with Dr. Jon Harrell. I chose to have my procedure done by him because of his price and because of all the work I had seen done by him. If you look at his before and after pictures, you will be shocked. Overall, before having the procedure done I was scared that I would not get the results that I wanted but took a... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Liposuction - Miami, FL

I got breast implants these previous summer, now i would like liposuction done to my stomach area. I am very envious of girls who have hips, thighs and curves but a small waist. How did they get like that????? Well anyways i want to look like that too, i just dont know what doctor could make that happen, im researching now. Does anyone know a doctor at a good price that could give me a small... READ MORE


Hi guys! I am a 20 year old college student who is finishing my sophomore year of college in two weeks. I have decided to make an account on this site instead of just reading everyone else's review because I have officially decided to get my breasts done. I will be planning to have to procedure done near the beginning of August (almost three months away) and am still evaluating my options... READ MORE

Questions from candylala

Will a 600cc implant bring me to a DDD in a bra? (Photo)

I would like to be a double to triple D in bras and currently I wear a 34 A. I am not sure if that is the bra I should be wearing because I never actually got sized but do you... READ MORE

Liquid coming from incision? Can I put a bandaid over my incision and just wait for it to heal a bit more? 1 month post (Photo)

Hi, for a couple of days now, I noticed like a watery fluid coming from one of my breasts. At first I thought it was coming from my nipple but now i think it is coming from the... READ MORE

Is my implant leaking? (Photo)

I think its almost 3 months post op and im feeling my breasts and the one that has always been a tiny bit smaller is squishy and i cant feel the implant barely at all while the... READ MORE

How do I get my lips fuller like Kylie Jenner permanently? (photos)

How do I get my lips fuller like kylie jenner permanently? My bottom lip is bigger than my upper...i want my upper to be the same size permanently.. READ MORE

Liposuction to gain an hourglass figure? (Photo)

I am 21 years old, 135 pounds, 5'5 in height and have gotten breast implants. The implants have helped me gain shape but my stomach is still not where I want it to be, I see... READ MORE

Do my implants look ok? (Photo)

I believe ive had them in for 6 months now. One breast drops down a bit lower than the other breast. READ MORE

Breast implants are different after a year? (Photo)

Helli, what is wrong with my breasts? One is a lot higher than the other. The difference is very noticeable in clothes and wearing a bra. What is wrong? Was one of my implants... READ MORE

Nipple reduction while increasing breast size?

Hello, I found out that both my implants were positioned differently so I plan on getting a revision next summer. So far I am 1 year post op. During my revision, is it possible... READ MORE

Skinny stomach possible? (Photo)

Hello, is it possible for me to get a very skinny stomach? I have always wanted a skinny/hour glass shapes stomach. A stomach that would enhance my curves. Would liposculpture... READ MORE

Do I have capsular contracture? (Photo)

No firmness, no pain but one of my implants is alot higher up than the other and drops down. :( It looks very strange. READ MORE

Revision, do I still have Capsular Contracture? (photos)

I just had a breast revision yesterday to get rid of the capsular contracture ("cc") in my right breast. I had my breast done a year ago and then 9 months in, the cc started... READ MORE

Do I still have Capsular Contractor or does my breast still need to drop? (photo)

I just had a breast revision yesterday to get rid of the capsular contracture ("cc") in my right breast. I had my breast done a year ago and then 9 months in, the cc started... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture came back, what should I do? (Photo)

Hello, During the summer 2014, I got my first breast augmentation, then during the summer of 2015 I developed CC. That is when I got a breast revision this past winter... READ MORE

Is my scar healing right? (photo)

I had breast revision and lift nine days ago. I woke up this morning and saw a part of my scar was more sensitive and had a greenish/red look to it. What is this? Is it an... READ MORE

How can I permanently get rid of these deep under eye creases? (Photos)

Hello, how can I get rid of these creases under my eyes? I can easily hide darkness with makeup but the creases still always show. The creases make me look older, tired and... READ MORE

Recent comments from candylala

Hello, Are you in any pain now? How was pain after surgery? READ COMMENT

Your beautiful!!!!!!!!:DDD READ COMMENT

Hi I see the procedure costed you $2,600. Besides that, how much did you have to spend on travel, stay, doctor visits and etc.?:) READ COMMENT

Im happy with my size now but if i could be a triple D that would be awesome but i think it would look almost not believable and unnatural xD READ COMMENT