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How long does it take for the body to absorb veins treated with sclerotherapy?

I have always had thin skin but as I've gotten older (and probably due to sun exposure) it has gone from translucent to literally transparent. Dozens of reticular veins are... READ MORE

sclerotherapy ineffective thus far despite four treatments with proper aftercare and certified cosmetic dermatologist

I recently asked before and made it clear I have tadpole thin skin, not varicose veins, but was told I should have a full venous evaluation, implying sclerotherapy isn't... READ MORE

Ehlers Danlos and cosmetic procedures for sun damage and uneven skin tone.

I was prepared for wrinkles after growing up under inescapable sun. I wasn't prepared for the oddities that come with Ehlers Danlos. I had sclerotherapy; it wasn't what I... READ MORE

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I wouldn't take up on the groupon offer. Unless you are really dealing with the tiniest spider veins, you really have to see a vein specialist. Spas and dermatologists usually treat every clients veins the same way with the same... READ COMMENT

It matters. A lot of doctors tell you they're using Fraxel when they aren't. I think a genuine Fraxel laser in qualified hands gets you what you pay for. That said, there are still risks, particularly with darker skin types. The... READ COMMENT