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Tummy Tuck

Going in for consultation for tummy tuck maybe lipo to flanks and mons area I havent had it done yet Im going Tuesday March 17th 2015 I hope the Luck of the Irish is with me I wander If I book that day if they will give me a discount I got quote of 8100.00 Any kind of suggesting would be appreciated I will try to post some Pre surgery photos Before going in Tuesday St Pattys day for... READ MORE

51 Year Old Breast Reduction I Had to Appeal and Insurance Covered All of It Kansas

Hello I am a newbie in the room. I started my Journey to Breast Reduction in January 2014. Insurance denied my first claim and I had to appeal and it was overturned .I went from 38DDD to hopefully small 38C . I did measure around my breast with nothing on them before I was 44 and now im 39 inches hoping to lose one more inch, that being said one inch equals one cup size.I am just now two weeks... READ MORE

Questions from IttyBittyTittyComitty

Nipple looks like it was cut incorrectly

Is it normal to have one nipple looks like it is not round and like it was cut incorrectly Like one side of it has like straight instead of being round? Here are some photos of... READ MORE

How can I relieve the tightness between my breasts one month post Breast Reduction?

I am one month out and I have a lot of tightness between both my breast and under in the center of both any idea how to relieve this full ness tight feeling I do ice and still... READ MORE

How long after a Breast Reduction is it recommended to get a mammogram?

Just wandering how long after a reduction do you need to get a mammogram. Im thinking it was bad when I had larger breast what happens to my nice beautiful perkys Bs sure not... READ MORE

Is it normal to have deep puckers indentations in the breast?

When will my puckers deep in the breast go away I am 10 Weeks post opt I dont see them unless I bend over slightly one breast has more dents or deep puckering inside the... READ MORE

10 weeks post-op: I have a few questions about side boobs and bat wings.

I am ten weeks Post breast reduction seems like my breast hang to the side like side boobs and looks like i have batwings I did not have lipo. I still look rather boxy Is this... READ MORE

Rippling in one breast is light purple. Trying to massage to bring more blood supply to it. Will it become smooth? (Photo)

I am 10 weeks post opt breast reduction I accidently posted this on the augmentation site !!!! OOPHS I was wanting to know my breast on right side had more work to it then the... READ MORE

My insurance paid for my breast reduction now I have side boob and tanktopper fat. Will insurance cover the revision?

I am three months post breast reduction and have side underarm fat and tanktopper fat my insurance paid for medical necessity I did not have any lipo will this be covered by... READ MORE

Side boobage after reduction. Will scar revision help, or should I have a revision?

I have a few rolls on side of breast that occurred several months after reduction right after surgery it was nice and flat I am 4 months post opt. Scheduled for revision to... READ MORE

Side boobage after reduction. Will scar revision help, or should I have a revision? (Photo)

THis is my second post I did add photos on my first one been having issues loading photos lets try again.Its for the fold that happened wasnt there after surgery skin softened... READ MORE

What can I expect on revision after breast reduction? (photos)

My breast were nice and tight after surgery for a few months until the tissue softened Im scheduled for revision and it is not dog ears Im talking about, it is to get rid of... READ MORE

What to expect for breast reduction revision? (Photo)

I am having a revision for excessive breast tissue and skin under both my arms I am of normal weight. Was not there before or after breast reduction.Extending inscions. It... READ MORE

Lipomas removed 6 months Post TT MR

I had 7 lipomas removed a week ago and some were quite big my surgeon removed them I almost six months post opt they were very painful he made 4 inscions and removed them and... READ MORE

What can be done with large knots? Lumps removed once, came back 6 months post TT. He shot them with steroids .

Surgeon removed 7 large lipomas he said he also told me it was allergic to the sutures they came back one week after he redid them He didnt have any plan of attack and made me... READ MORE

I had hard knots removed along MONS incisions 5 months post TT and there back my guess it was permanent stitches. Suggestion?

Photos wont help in this situation I had large knots and lumps I figured it was part of healing So at five months I made appt DR said THEY HAVE TO COME OUT no explanation why... READ MORE

6 months post Tummy TUCK PAIN SPASMS had some hard lumps removed have more in my MR had steroids STILL LUMPS HARD KNOTS. Advice?

Im 6 months post TT MR DR said he used all dissolvable stitches MAYBE GLUE? MULTIPLY LUMPS HARD KNOTS PAIN AND SPASMS had steriod shots a week ago He removed 4 bigger ones... READ MORE

Follow-up: I had one surgeon do BR. It was medical necessity. I paid cash for my TT MR (Photo)

My surgeon called them lots of things Lipomas Grauloma suture scar tissue I have had 4 big ones removed and still very many Im 6 months post we have massaged aggressively for 6... READ MORE

Should I have more steroids?

I made a 5 month appt and my Surgeon told me right away they Need to come out some very large ones along my inscions I posted photos of these and I have already been injected... READ MORE

Lumps and bumps 6 months post-op. Am I just a slow healer? (Photo)

No Photos cause the lumps and bumps are deep he took out some very big ones along the top of mons area I can post photo for that Im 6 months Post TT massage from day one am I... READ MORE

I am 7 months post TT. I have lumps and spasms. Will this go away soon? I had some lumps removed and round of steriods (Photo)

I am 7 months po TT I have hard knots in muscle repair I have had several removed and I still have long muscle tightening spazms spells. Some of these Knots or lumps are deep... READ MORE

9 months po TT MR revision done capsules along cut still spams and 6 lumps had steroids twice still no good. Advice? (photo)

9 months post TT revision at 5 months 2 times steroids injections still spamming and 6 knots or lumps he removed 4. I have 6 more he injected twice Help you can see purple... READ MORE

Tummy tuck questions! I posted another question about this that hasn't been answered yet (Photo)

Im 9 months PO TT MR vaser lipo to flanks and bra lines I have severe muslce spasms hours on end. I was dismissed at one month PO I went back in at 5 months issues he took out... READ MORE

Granulomas 9 months post Tummy Tuck 3 rounds of steriods more over mons area. Several already removed from surface deeper ones

He told me my upper muscles he used permanment stitches above belly but below all dissolvable used I had 3 rounds of multiple steriod shots. I still have spasms and pain I do... READ MORE

9 mths PO TT/MR I had granulomas 4 bigs ones removed at 5 mths. I have more of these 3 different rounds of steroid shot. (photo)

I have very hard lumps I had full TT MR my side scars are fine and as belly button but I have had 4 large granulomas removed at 5 months now I have had three rounds of steriods... READ MORE

Multiple lumps, hard knots removed above months at 5 months Po TT MR. Now at11 months PO TT MR still multiple hard knots (Photo)

My mons has Multiple lumps hard knots scar tissue. Can I have these all removed in office would it be good to just make a complete cut across my mons to have them all removed... READ MORE

Lumps across mons. Had several rounds of steriods he has taken some out at 5 months said he could take more in 11 months (Photo)

I had lumps removed at skin level 4 of them at 5 months post opt I had 3 rounds of several steriod injections I still have several hard ones he wants to remove some is it... READ MORE

I want to know what everyone thinks if I'm too picky. I paid 12,000. For TT MR Vaserlipo to flanks and bra lines (Photo)

Im 53 are my photos what I should expect? I was dismissed at one month I went back at 5 month removed 4 large granulomas above mons I have more hard knots .revised my scar is... READ MORE

Hard lumps 11 po TT MR. He removed 4 granulomas at 5 months po. Can he cut across mons to get the ones on MR out? (Photo)

I had 4 large granulomas he said was encapsized at 5 months. I have many more (6) very hard lumps I heard him say he didnt want to be chasing them around I had dissolvable... READ MORE

Panic mode. Sloshing sound coming from external Tummy Tuck Stitches (Photo)

I just had more granulomas removed I was building scar tissues around dissovable stitches 10 months post opt doctor put in external stitches when he removed them now I hear... READ MORE

9 granulomas after TT. I started antibiotics and celebrex. Which one works the best? No permanent stitches were used (Photo)

I had 4 removed at 5 months and 5 more at ten months horrible reactions around them feeling like splinters surgeon never has seen this before he removed all I started... READ MORE

17 months PO TT but had revision at 5 and 10 months. Still had a stitch pop out, still spasms and pain at times. Is this normal?

I had revision for granulomas at 5 and 10 months post TT I still get muscle tightness and can feel like its still healing is this normal Last revision was in Feb so six months... READ MORE

Options to get rid of age spots? Is there a way to fill them up?

Cost to get age spots off face and if they come back and how much does it cost to fill lip lines at the same time as by age spots and how long will Last and price for it to ` 1... READ MORE

Discussions started by IttyBittyTittyComitty

4 large granulomas removed at 5 months post opt 6 more lumps knots 10 months PO TUMMY TUCK

Any one have any issues like this I had 5 granulomas removed at 5 months post tummy tuck i have hard lumps and knots at 10 months I need to call in he said he would remove some... READ MORE

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I have had one round of injections they say it can get worse before it gets better Im supposed to get round two in January READ COMMENT

You look much better with out a tattoo READ COMMENT

I had the wrong photo up I go in tommorrow Im 10 months po TT MR I have had this procedure done at 5 months I have several lumps above mons some quite large was hoping he could just lower the scar and get all of them out? It will be in... READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear of your complications and hoping your on the healing side now I always take stool softner day before surgery and until i have bowel movement Pain meds do consitipate I have had lots of surgerys so this is normal for me it... READ COMMENT