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Is there anything I can do to stop my nose twisting even more? (Photo)

I had surgery 2 weeks ago, on day 3 the plugs came out on which the nurse had to call the surgeon in as my bones shifted. The surgeon re-taped my cast to my face but twice more... READ MORE

I'm in need of a revision, is this a realistic possibility or am i just dreaming big? (photos)

My 1st rhino has been done 8 weeks ago, its still very crooked and big. Is there any chance i would ever get a small nose? READ MORE

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Dr.steve denenberg is a facial surgeon. He hs 32 years exsperience, if you look on his before and afters it will for sure give you hope.hes pricey at around 9 grand buti think its worth it. Good luck x READ COMMENT

Hi, could i ask what additional cost were involved? READ COMMENT

Hi, are you happy with your tip now? Did he keep the rest of your nose the same. I'm really interested because your profile looked like mine, but i need a revision too and have emailed him too but sadly no reply yet, did he take a... READ COMMENT

Good Luck with your surgery, if anyone deserves a nice nose its you after so many fails, i'm routing for you. READ COMMENT

Well thats a great price, i've emailed him already after seeing yours and been on his facebook to see pics. If mine turns out half as nice as yours i'd be over the moon. Thank you and good luck with recovery. Ps you look a little like... READ COMMENT