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Midface Lift...disaster. Need Help - Los Angeles, CA

I had a midfacelift per the recommendation of the doctor to fix my drooping lower eyelids. Now I look more masculine and I hate it. Has anyone out there been able to fix a midface lift which didn't suit their face? I'm on my fifth month post surgery. I hate the way I look and am trying to figure out if anything can be done to fix it. Has anyone had a bad subperipsteal midface lift? Has... READ MORE

Questions from chi.girl1972

Can an epicanthoplasty be reversed??

Can an epicanthoplasty be reversed?? I had an epicanthoplasty done in Seoul at Teiumps clinic. I started off with natural lids but had ptosis and the lids heightened. I look... READ MORE

Can an epicanthoplasty be reversed without scarring?

I originally had natural double eyelids but I had ptosis and as symmetry.   I had an epicanthoplasty,  double lid surgery and ptosis repair in Seoul last April.... READ MORE

2.5 months post op Lateral canthoplasty/ Cheeklift, will the swelling improve?

I had a cheek lift with lateral canthoplasty 2.5 months ago. I feel that my upper face is way too wide now and my lower face is now to skinny. This gives me the appearance of... READ MORE

Can v-line jaw surgery be reversed?

Hi, I had v-line jaw surgery and mandibular reduction in Seoul over a year ago. It has been a complete disaster and I have required a facelift, midface lift and necklift to fix... READ MORE

My face is wider after a Cheek Lift. Any suggestions?

I had a cheeklift and canthoplasty 2.5 months ago. My face seems much wider to me and my smile is unnatural. Is this permanent or could there still be some element of swelling?... READ MORE

Can a midface lift/canthoplasty be reversed?

I had a midface lift with orbicularis plication, arcus marginalis release and bilateral canthoplasty done three months ago. I look completely different and my eye shape is... READ MORE

Revise a jaw surgery and how soon can I do a revision rhinoplasty? Can fat transfer help the hollows in my cheeks? (photo)

I had a vline jaw surgery in Seoul 4/2014 ehich left me eith saggy skin,cheeks, and hollows. In 4/2015, I tried to fix this with a facelift,midfacelift, and rhinoplasty with... READ MORE

Why do I look more masculine? What can be done to fix it? (Photo)

Im about three months out of a midface lift, facelift, and rhinoplasty to fix changed from a prior jaw surgery. I feel like I look more masculine. My cheeks seem flatter, my... READ MORE

Can my chin be fixed? (Photo)

I had a v line surgery in Seoul in April 2014. Now my face looks unbalanced with the midface looking much wider and the chin looks long and pointy. There is also asymmetry. How... READ MORE

Is my new nose too long? When can it be fixed? (Photo)

Im about three months out of a revision rhinoplasty to fix a retracted nose. I feel the nose is too big for my face. He used fascia with diced cartilage. I feel that it is too... READ MORE

Asian Revision rhinoplasty. When is the soonest I can get this redone and what would you recommend be done? (Photo)

I had a revision rhinoplasty done 4-2015 and I feel that it is too long and pointy. It totally changed the way I look. It was done with diced cartilage and fascia. I now have a... READ MORE

Pointy chin elongated face after mid face lift and facelift. Would fillers help? Do I need additional surgery to fix it? (Photo)

I had a midfacelift and facelift 4-15 to try to fix saggy skin after a vline surgery. Sine this, ive been left with a very long face a pointy chin which look unnatural. Would... READ MORE

Can lateral canthoplasty be reversed?

I had lateral canthoplasty as part of a midface lift in April 2015. I've been left with persistent chemosis and my eyes are smaller. It was done because I had too much scleral... READ MORE

Eyes much smaller after midface lift through a lower eye approach. Can anything be done to fix this? (Photo)

I had a midfacelift through a lower eye approach in April. The doc was going to do a lateral canthotomy ended up having to do a lateral canthoplasty in order to suspend the... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my face more feminine again? Was my midface lift overdone? (Photo)

I had a vline jaw surgery in Seoul2014. This left me with horrible skin sagging and I attempted to get this fixed in April 2015 with a facelift andand midface lift but feel... READ MORE

What options do I have to fix my eyes? (Photo)

I had a midface lift requiring athe lateral canthoplasty for lower eyelid sagging 4-2015. Now my eyes are a lot smaller and squintier. I know that it's too early to fix it now... READ MORE

Can my original eye shape be restored? (photos)

I had a lateral canthoplasty associated with a midface lift which totally changed my eye appearance. Can my original eye shape be restored? If so, when would be the best time... READ MORE

Had a vline jaw surgery 1.5 years ago in Korea. Still have numbness. Will this improve?

I had a v line surgery in April 2014. While my motor function is intact, the sensation is abnormal on my chin and lower gums. This makes my chin feel "tight" and I feel like... READ MORE

Which surgeon would be the best person to go to for sculpting of the jaw with fillers or fat?

Hi, I had a v line jaw surgery in Korea which was overresected. The chin is too long and pointy for my face. I guess there is no implant option to try to correct this at this... READ MORE

Need advice on face rebalancing after jaw surgery. What are my options? (Photo)

I did vline jaw surgery in Seoul in April 2014. This caused my face to sag, so I was told that I needed a facelift, mid face lift, and rhinoplasty to fix the changes resulting... READ MORE

Is it "bad" to ask for a refund or partial refund?

I had surgery done which distorted my features and I'm not happy with it. Is it "bad" to ask for a refund or a partial refund? I have been told that the surgery is not... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse a subperiosteal midface lift?

I had a subperiosteal midface lift about 8 months ago. I'm asian and it has completely distorted my eyes and other features. I think that it was pulled up too high. Can this... READ MORE

Need help on figuring out what happened and what can be done to look more normal again? (Photo)

I made tell mistake of getting a v line jaw reduction surgery in 2014. It caused my face to collapse. I tried to fix it by having a facelift , midface lift, and rhinoplasty (my... READ MORE

Need help on determining what can be done. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a facelift, midfacelift through the eye and rhinoplasty done 9 months ago to repair skin sagging following a jawsurgery. They also recommended a fat graft below my eyes... READ MORE

Is there a way to devolumize my upper midface after a midface lift? (photos)

I had a midface lift which I think was overdone and has now caused my midface to be abnormally wide, making me look disproportionate. There is also.a persistent swelling under... READ MORE

Can an over lifted subperiosteal midface lift be successfully revised ?

I had a subperiosteal midfacelift almost a year ago(11 months). The doctor also recommended fat transplants under the eyes. My eyes are still signicantly distorted, my smile is... READ MORE

Is it possible to lower malar fat pads which have been raised too high?

I had a midface lift done through the eye. It warped my face completely. Is it possible to lower the malar fat pads once they have been raised? I'm Asian, and they raised the... READ MORE

Can fat transferred to the under eye area be removed? If so, what is the best technique?

I had fat transfer to the underage but it ended up making me look overstuffed and when I smile, I look strange and look like I've received too many cheek fillers. The under eye... READ MORE

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Thanks, I'll try that. READ COMMENT

Thanks. I consulted with multiple surgeons which have told me nothing can be done about the midface lift. How long did it take you to recover and look presentable from your lip lift? READ COMMENT

Thanks, you're so nice. Can I ask, who did yours? You can PM me, if you'd rather answer by PM. I need ptosis surgery too! Who knew it would make such a mess! READ COMMENT

Nope. My eyes are still a different shape than before and my smile is still distorted. My cheeks bunch up under my eyes when I smile and my left lower eyelid is beginning to pull down. I still feel like something pulling from the... READ COMMENT