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The area between the eye brows they normally put 15 unit. The area know as the crows feet take three injection each side they probable use about 2 units in each spot but in order for you to get rid of the smile line under the they... READ COMMENT

Botox does go away but i wouldn’t give up with it looking nice without wrinkles and do wonders for your self-esteem at less it does for me I want to grow old gracefully I guest. Did you go back to the Doctor after two weeks n... READ COMMENT

Did they put and injection under the eye also? this is the area that the treat normally when they treat the crows feet. the injection should go under the eye above the cheek bone to minimize the wrinkles under the eyes when you smile. READ COMMENT

Botox does not normally last that long (3-4 months) normally! READ COMMENT

Lets try this again my spelling to a fight on that one. Like i was saying before my spelling got screw up!!! It is true that after you get your botox injections you could try and move your face in different sharp movements maybe every... READ COMMENT