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32 Year Old Mom of 3 with a Tubular Breast - Fairbanks, AK

I wasn't planning on posting because my breasts made me feel deformed for as long as I've had them. I've felt like I needed to apologize for them every time I was naked. After 9 years with my husband, I still wasn't comfortable naked even though he has always been supportive. Maybe too much... READ MORE

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So today is the last day of my 6th week officially so I can start doing cardio. I don't plan on running just yet, but I like Dance Fitness with Jessica on Facebook. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do to start. I'm guessing I can... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your post! I'm so glad you are on here. :) READ COMMENT

My doctor said sometimes people metabolize medication incorrectly and it doesn't work. I finally had relief with Tylenol3 because it has codeine in it. Apparently my body thinks that is morphine. Down side was I could only take it at... READ COMMENT

I was told not to massage because it can promote bleeding. That scared me enough not to do it. READ COMMENT

Yeah, I agree. Don't judge them yet. Mine were severely different. Like one implant was 650 and the other was 400. Mine will always look a little different because they were uneven for so long, but now they look really close. I... READ COMMENT