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At around 6 weeks po I got two blisters in my incision. They ended up popping and draining along with tiny pieces of mass. I went to the ps and was told it is what they call "spitting stitches". Your body rejects the stitches and... READ COMMENT

I wish there was. All I can suggest is maybe your doing too much and need to take it a bit easier. I know swelling continues when you do too much. It does seem like if your belly button is pulling in the same direction as the drain... READ COMMENT

Thanks for answering my questions so quickly. Did your scar go onto your hips or wrap around? Or does it just go right up to your hips? I ask because mine does wrap around slightly into my back and it's around my hip area that I... READ COMMENT

I have the same problem and I am 5 weeks out. However, my bellybutton was off centered slightly pre op which I didn't notice until the morning of my surgery and the doctor drew a line from the middle of my breasts down and sure enough... READ COMMENT

Sorry about that. I think I fixed it. Thank you for the quick response back. When you have the time I would really like to hear back from you on the questions I had. Including pics showing your progress (if you don't mind). Thanks... READ COMMENT