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Great! Yes, post to our staff at our mammogram board at - they are fabulous! READ COMMENT

Good question. You could eliminate those useless meds that only make it worse by taking a tablespoonful of a good organic apple cider vinegar in the morning and in the evening. Do it for a week or two and you probably won't need the... READ COMMENT

Oh and GOOD LUCK! It sounds like you're being very responsible about your health - hats off to you! READ COMMENT

We work with a lot of healthy, natural diets and remedies at our org regardless of health condition. We have many diabetic patients. For the support alone, it's nice and you're welcome to pop in anytime! READ COMMENT

Because an anorexic person starves themselves well past one meal or even a few weeks of meals to the point of losing all excess weight. There no longer is anything to store because their body was forced to burn it, even with slower... READ COMMENT