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I don't know as I have not experienced wrinkled skin at all (rather just the opposite). By the way, $8000 is a lot of money for a routine Neck Lift. There are many Board Certified Plastic Surgeon's who do it for a fraction (at least... READ COMMENT

I have used Pose for my chin area (as well as my face, and entire neck area down including my collarbone). I did a lot of research and spoke to several well-schooled Aestheticians in RF. Before you use Pose under the chin you need to... READ COMMENT

Yes, RF is safe to use with fillers and botox. If in doubt, confirm with your Dr. READ COMMENT

Endless Posts - I'll take your comments as a compliment to the long hours I've spent online thoroughly investigating RF and as also an actual user of both the TriPollar STOP and POSE. Sorry to burst your bubble . . . but I am not paid... READ COMMENT

Hi Gina...Keep in mind this is not a "quick fix" solution. It does take time for your body's own natural skin collagen renewal processes to kick in and take full effect. I can only speak from own personal experience with using the... READ COMMENT