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A New Nose - Brisbane Oz

I want a new nose. As I get older my nose seems to be getting bigger. I hate taking a photo close up as I hate the way my nose is on my face. I live in Brisbane Australia. Dr Shahidi (Sydney) is not an option... I have researched him and his site suggests interstate travellers stay in Sydney for 8-10days after the OP which is not an option for me. I really need someone that has had... READ MORE

42 and One Child- Teased about the size of my thighs - Australia, AU

You know I've spent some 25 years running, gym, walking, biking swimming, climbing to reduce my thighs but no matter how thin I got (55kg - 5ft 7)I still had saddle bags. I've tried diets, I've tried not eating.. I've done everything but to no avail. I started a new job 4 yrs ago and they called me names like thunder thighs, and bulge amongst many others. But unfortunately the job I had... READ MORE

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8 day post op of Liposuction, I feel itchy. Is this normal? (photo)

I had lipo on my saddlebags 8days ago and it went really well, but occasionally in the areas that I had lipo, it gets really itchy. It's just started in the last two days.... READ MORE

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How to reduce swelling - post op

Natural medicine called arnica tablets by Bauer for bruising and swelling and muscleantibiotics ??? Optional a tonne of water .... The most important part of all time ...... READ MORE

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What a great story... Even with swelling you can't tell as you look thinner than you did when you started. Definitely don't tell anyone it spoils the whole after affect. I'm so pleased no one knew, as they all think it's natural rather... READ COMMENT

Why thank you Bella - I feel like I have a new lease in life... Im so excited ... My only wish was I did it tens of years ago. Why Why did I wait? It feels sooo good to not have to worry about what I wear anymore. But most of all no one... READ COMMENT

Chicohen..... YOu may need to go back to the doctor. I am also 5months out and I have no swelling, Im extremely happy with my results. What your saying isn't what I am experiencing so you need to get a second opinion. READ COMMENT

I a so embarrassed... I really need to let it go and just post a proper picture on here. I suppose Im frightened of people laughing... I think that's what I need a new look. I don't find myself attractive at all.. I just see an old... READ COMMENT

Why do you need to keep it quiet.?? IN some small way it's great as then nobody knows and no one is judging you or putting you down about your decision ... where if you tell them, yes you get the added bonus of getting it off your chest... READ COMMENT