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Questions from Rickcross

Can I have a fat transfer if I already have orbital rim implants?

I had orbital rim and cheek implants with a top implant doctor out of Boston three years ago. Although there has been very good improvement, I am Stillhollow under the eyes,... READ MORE

Who preforms the most facial fat transfers? I am looking for someone who specializes in this

I have decided to get facial fat grafting under my eyes and cheeks. I am willing to travel to a doctor who does this procedure multiple times per week. I mean no offense to... READ MORE

How much fat do I need to have for a facial fat transfer? (photo)

I saw a PS a couple of days ago and was told that that I don't have enough fat to do a fat transfer and should use Artefill instead. I liked the doc, but I got the impression... READ MORE

Fixing below the eye hollowness: fillers or fat?

Just saw a PS who is very experienced with fillers - he said you should never do fat under the eyes, wants to use 10 syringes of Artefill over 2 or 3 treatments. After reading,... READ MORE

Fat grafting over facial implants?

I received facial implants (orbital rim/cheek, chin, and jaw) in 2012. I would like have facial fat grafting done now. My orbital rim area is still a bit hollow, I can see the... READ MORE

Over rotated and over projected nose (Photo)

Had rhinoplasty with a leading surgeon two years ago. This was my second rhinoplasty, and I have had a break, so I was a tough case. He's a very nice guy. He did a great job... READ MORE

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You have to go to Dr. Mordcai Blau - this is the only guy out there for this surgery. He does close to a half dozen of these every day. He did mine about three years ago - perfect job. READ COMMENT