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Anatomical or Round implants for thin women, or those without much breast tissue?

I have slightly deflated b cup breasts due to weight gain/loss. I also have a "long chest". My surgeon said I couldn't consider getting round implants because they would look... READ MORE

Swelling 6-7 weeks post-BA normal?

BA swelling 6-7 wks post surgery: 5ft 6", 127lbs; allergan anatomicals FF 335 cc (r), FX 360 cc (l); submuscular, with areola BL.  Had a slightly deflated b cup. Told my... READ MORE

Which filler is best for lips- Restylane, Perlane or Juvederm?

Tried half a mil of restylane. The effect was gone by 2 and half months. I've been advised against perlane as it's rubbery, not soft- but know lots of ladies get it and are... READ MORE

Long term effects of laser liposuction on an "apple shape" body? (Photo)

I have size 6 legs and arms and a size 12 body- it's a frustrating effect of family genetics. There is always a tyre of fat that causes me great embarrassment. If I get vaser... READ MORE

2 Yrs Post Op. Right breast achy and a little numb. Seems to be getting worse. What's the cause/issue?

Been numb beneath my right armpit since surgery but the right breast was fine- no numbness. 2 years post op, I'm experiencing a low level 'niggle'. Breast has a dull ache on... READ MORE

Apple shape: long term implications of getting a tummy tuck?

My body shape means most of my fat goes to my stomach. Fat refuses to go to my breasts, arms and legs. What happens post tummy tuck? Will the fat go back there, or choose... READ MORE

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Did your boobs shrink a lot after 7 weeks?

Hi all, for 6 weeks I've kept telling myself they'll "get smaller", it's just residual swelling. I'm still too big & out of proportion. Did anyone experience significant... READ MORE

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No malice intended, but this review should be removed. It offers nothing of value- not even the name of the surgeon. Reviews like this just waste people's time. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your review. Your results look great- but I agree- working at the gym really helps tighten everything up! My apologies if you already answered this, but did the unevenness of your stomach resolve itself? This is my biggest... READ COMMENT

There are a lot of negative reviews for this doctor on a the 'ratemymd' site. Seems very hit and miss with results and the aftercare is patchy. He's off my list now. Here's a link if anyone's interested:https://www.ratemds... READ COMMENT

You poor love! What a roller coaster you've been on- and that guy- what an absolute creep! I've lived with an immovable gut my whole life- the curse of being apple shaped! I know all about bloating and gaining water weight- I eat one... READ COMMENT

Hi, thank you so much for posting your progress pictures. It's invaluable to people like me who are agonizing over which surgeon to use for a very big operation. The early progress shots look great- it must make such a difference. If... READ COMMENT