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23 and Sick of These 8FF's

Hello lovelies. I've been stalking this site for almost two years and I've finally decided to do it. The reason I haven't is because I couldn't afford it, even with private health because I'm still a student and my B cup family think I'm crazy so I'm doing this solo. I cannot wait to have this... READ MORE

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Excellent advice Wendy! I will do doing this. Guyl I presume you're male, my mates have all told me I'm crazy and they look great. That's not the problem. I have back problems which can't be fixed though any other treatment and they... READ COMMENT

Thanks love. I know it will be they just don't see the problems I have (they think these things are a blessing!) I have looked at yours and you look great! :) READ COMMENT

I'll just have to save a little longer but ill make sure it's going to happen :) READ COMMENT

Oh okay my surgeons seem to cost more down in Melbourne. I'm quoted 8500 at best for surgery and all my hospital fees are covered aswell. I got quotes before I got private health and afterwards. 2k is all ill get back as we'll. thanks... READ COMMENT

Hello lovely. Congrats! I'm from Melbourne and a lot like yourself although I'm 24 and an 8FF (although my boyf things im bigger haha) I was wondering if you don't mind me asking how it was cheap (well cheap compared to the 8-10k)... READ COMMENT