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I am a 32A, what type of implant should I get if I want a size 32D that feels natural?

I want breast that are normal and feel normal like the gel implant everyone is talking about. But I don't want it too big. I was thinking a C but I think a D would be good too. READ MORE

If your implants burst or leak inside you, can it harm you in any way or possibly cause death?

Can the implants fluid leak and fill your lungs or something like that. Since they are near your lungs when they are put in place. READ MORE

How many cup sizes will I grow? I'm a 32A and I am 5'2" and I'm 120lbs. How many cup sizes will I grow if I do a fat transfer?

I really want to know if this is a sage procedure and how many years will my breast stay the size after surgery and I hear that it feels more natural than implants which is a... READ MORE

How can I tighten my vagina naturally, that will give me great results?

I have been pregnant 4 times in my life. I lost 3 and i have 1 living child. My vagina feels looser than what it use to feel like in the beginning. I dont want surgery cause i... READ MORE

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Is there more sensation after tighting READ COMMENT

I really want this also. Please let us know how it goes READ COMMENT

The results are amazing. Who's the doctor. Would u recommend him. I've been insecure about my breast for a very long time. I live in Ohio so its great to hear a good plastic surgeon here instead of having to travel somewhere... READ COMMENT