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Are there long-term side effects of Radiesse? Or do any negative side effects happen immediately after injection?

I had Radiesse for my cheeks a few days ago and so far am happy with the results. Yes, there was some swelling (which I expected) which is almost gone now, but other than that,... READ MORE

Swollen cheek a month after upper and lower blepharoplasty? Steroids help, but what do I do when I finish them?

Post upper & lower bleph 2/21/17. Usual swelling & bruising very happy with the result. About 2 wks in- right cheek started to swell - worse every day. Doc said it's... READ MORE

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Has anyone had droopy eyelids/loose eyelid skin after this treatment? My eyelids are sagging since I had this done. I feel the skin so loose and hanging. It's freaking me out. And it didn't even help my migraines. They are exactly the... READ COMMENT

I had the same procedure done two years ago. I was really suffering badly from the deviated septum, sinus infections all the time, couldn't breath. And my nose was huge and extremely crooked. I am much older than you. Thank God, the... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'd like to comment about Dr. Kelly. I had seen him for another (medically necessary) procedure. He flat out refused to work with my insurance company, even though they were more than willing to work... READ COMMENT

From reading the bad reviews, it also like a lot of the problems are caused by bad injectors. Or some people are just flat out allergic to it. I'm hoping that I'm one of the ones that can tolerate it without any issues. The doctor said... READ COMMENT

OMG, that is so scary! So before you woke up with your face red, was everything ok? Did you initially have any signs of problems within the first four weeks? So far, everything seems fine but I'm really worried now. READ COMMENT