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Changing to Slightly Larger Implant Size After Strattice?

I had to have implant exchange and had a strattice "sling" placed in both breasts one year ago. It is unclear what went wrong, but now one breast is bottoming out. My surgeon... READ MORE

This is my 3rd Revision. Second Round of Strattice? Pocket Revision?

These are my breasts after a revision for a malpositioned implant on my left side. The surgeon added strattice to improve the skin thickness. I went down in size of implant... READ MORE

The statistics on Cohesive Gel Gluteal Implants and stats on oval implant rotation incidents.

Being a traveler, I go to many countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Europe. The cohesive gel type implant is the standard there. Why is it not here? I've heard the explanations... READ MORE

Do oval cohesive gel butt implants have the same incidence of unwanted rotation as the semi solid oval types?

I realize there is only one choice in the US, but I am interested in a softer feel implant. I am older than most of the girls on here (59) and I am concerned the more athletic... READ MORE

I am concerned with the visibility of my implant 3 weeks out of surgery? (Photo)

Is this likely to improve with time? I realize some dropping will occur ( very hopeful) but will decreased swelling make the already apparent implant more so? Is some sort of... READ MORE

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Anyone recently or better yet, in the past few years used Dr Mendieta for IMPLANTS?

I've been looking at this site for a while now, been to a couple of consults for the BBL, but sadly am not a candidate. I am a middle age white woman who even after working out... READ MORE

How do you girls like the new oval implants Dr Stanton developed recently?

Hi Ladies.  Very curious to know how Dr Stantons new implants are being received.  I am pretty sure I am going to get them. ( in a month or so with luck and appt... READ MORE

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Great…the walking will be no problem then! I was by myself and after the flight even went on tri-rail to West Palm with no issues other than some discomfort. Just stand when you can and use a pillow when you can't. READ COMMENT

Hi, I've been reading about your saga…Ugh. So sorry. I also live in Fl and went to Stanton. He is a great Dr. I'm sure you will be happy. I also went from LAX to MIA. I know you are worried about the airport, but honestly it was n... READ COMMENT

Hi At1990 I would skip the jeans…You will likely prefer a couple (no more) very loose and light weight pants, sweats, long skirts, or beach like dresses. I doubt you will feel like going out too much. I was by myself and made a c... READ COMMENT

Hi Toyall. I sure don't have much in the way of encouraging, uplifting, first hand knowledge of the process….and I sure get that you probably have an idea of the end result by 5 weeks…but everyone in the know seems to feel that 5 wee... READ COMMENT