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Did you get them fixed yet ? READ COMMENT

Hi Dr Merck. Can I ask, are you a member of ISAPS ? I can't find you on their site. How many operation have you done this year are will the before and after pictures on your various sites be updated, they all look like their from the... READ COMMENT

Can any doctor try your stitch method, is it open for anyone to use it if they wish? Do you have training videos ? How did the girl in Sydney have it done? Do you have clinic there Dr Merck? READ COMMENT

You now have no ears from the front view. Your ears were normal before, they did not even stick out >??? What the hell girl. I wish my ears looked like your before ears as mine do indeed stick out READ COMMENT

I also find your before ears to be perfectly normal and cute! Why was it you felt they needed to be altered ? To alter an ear that does not need altering means you end up with an ear that is over folded as they never needed to be folded... READ COMMENT