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Skin Feels Rough After Laser "Face Lift" - Pink and Blotchy

There were no pros. I feel that I was completely mislead by the doctor. I was told that I would have softer, smoother skin - with an overall tightening. I had the Titan procedure done before and was happy with the results....was told this was "bigger and better". It was painful,... READ MORE

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Hi Bowman, I actually sent you a personal e-mail. I guess you didn't get it. Well, I'm here now. It took quite a while, but what helped me a lot was dermaplaning. It's a procedure where the technician uses a scalpal blade to remove... READ COMMENT

Hi Ivana, You are EXACTLY correct in your assessment of this "Real Self" board. The M.D.'s answer generic questions, or those who show interest in a procedure (to generate even MORE business!). We, as patients, take the time to write... READ COMMENT

Interesting the doctors on this site are so "rah-rah" about these treatments - that not one of them ever addressed me in my quest for answers. My questions have never been posted, nor has any doctor addressed me on this site!! They... READ COMMENT

Hi Ivana, I don't have good news. It has been 3 months and my "pebble" skin still feels the same. I don't feel it has improved or healed over time. They say it's from the pin-prick marks from the laser. The doctors SHOULD give the... READ COMMENT

Thank you april. I appreciate that. I ordered the Pyratine lotion. I was on OBAGI, Retin-A, and Vitamin-C serums for 7 years prior. It did nothing to aid in my slow healing. It has been 3 months and the pink is fading, but there is so... READ COMMENT