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Questions from Evelyn87

Referral required for a revision rhinoplasty to remove polly beak, Seeking skilled surgeon in Europe.

I have been trying to find the right clinic/surgeon for years now. I research so many and then get disheartened that I can never find somewhere I am comfortable booking with,... READ MORE

Roaccutane and Rhinoplasty - Can I start before or after?

I am due rhinoplasty in the coming months but I am considering starting a course of roaccutane because no other tablet or cream has worked for me. What I need to know is what... READ MORE

90mg isotretinoin, isotroin, accutane, roaccutane. When can I expect improvement at this dosage?

I am taking 90mg daily. When can I expect to see improvement? Is my dosage going to start working soon or will it make it worse around now for a while? I started 5 days ago (I... READ MORE

Is my accutane dose going to clear my skin quicker or make it flare up?

I am on 90mg a day (3 x 30mg) and I am just wondering would I have a better chance of being clearer by the end of the 1st month on a lower dose, or will this high dose help... READ MORE

What cream can be prescribed/can I buy to fade/help heal my acne scarring without breaking me out?

I need to find a cream that will help fade or improve my acne scarring but containing ingredients that won't break me out. Is there any specific cream I can look for or any... READ MORE

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HELP! I need to find a REPUTABLE, trustworthy clinic/surgeon within europe for revision rhinoplasty

Hello,5 years ago I underwent a primary rhinoplasty in Prague and it has left me with a totally different nose shape (tip) than when I went in, and against what was agreed to... READ MORE

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I hope you don't mind me asking but how much was your operation in gbp? It looks so good x READ COMMENT

What? 50 thousand pounds in compensation and you are struggling to find a revision surgeon? With that amount of money you could go anywhere and take your pick of the top surgeons in the world. READ COMMENT

It looks great, I'm really happy for you. READ COMMENT

Hello, could I ask about the 'growth' after your primary rhinoplasty? I have a 'pollybeak' shape to my nose ever since my primary rhinoplasty years ago, and am considering Tahery for my revision. READ COMMENT

Hello, just wondering how you feel now? I am considering the same surgeon and hope you felt better since those posts x READ COMMENT