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Referral required for a revision rhinoplasty to remove polly beak, Seeking skilled surgeon in Europe.

I have been trying to find the right clinic/surgeon for years now. I research so many and then get disheartened that I can never find somewhere I am comfortable booking with,... READ MORE

Roaccutane and Rhinoplasty - Can I start before or after?

I am due rhinoplasty in the coming months but I am considering starting a course of roaccutane because no other tablet or cream has worked for me. What I need to know is what... READ MORE

90mg isotretinoin, isotroin, accutane, roaccutane. When can I expect improvement at this dosage?

I am taking 90mg daily. When can I expect to see improvement? Is my dosage going to start working soon or will it make it worse around now for a while? I started 5 days ago (I... READ MORE

Is my accutane dose going to clear my skin quicker or make it flare up?

I am on 90mg a day (3 x 30mg) and I am just wondering would I have a better chance of being clearer by the end of the 1st month on a lower dose, or will this high dose help... READ MORE

What cream can be prescribed/can I buy to fade/help heal my acne scarring without breaking me out?

I need to find a cream that will help fade or improve my acne scarring but containing ingredients that won't break me out. Is there any specific cream I can look for or any... READ MORE

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HELP! I need to find a REPUTABLE, trustworthy clinic/surgeon within europe for revision rhinoplasty

Hello,5 years ago I underwent a primary rhinoplasty in Prague and it has left me with a totally different nose shape (tip) than when I went in, and against what was agreed to... READ MORE

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I am so sad to see your story, i wish you luck you deserve it i have same result with same doctor as you READ COMMENT

In same boat from same surgeon as you. i am sorry for your experience : ( READ COMMENT

Sorry i have no info to help but i am left in same position as you by tahery READ COMMENT

I have identical problem as you by same doctor. READ COMMENT

I think I have the same problem and was suggested to also have laser. now i am stuck. dont know how to fix my problems, canot afford a revision. READ COMMENT