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Reviews by golfloosh

Going for Lip Reduction After Fat Transfer Many Years Ago - Plano, TX

Ok, I've committed to lip reduction surgery on upper and lower lips. I feel confident in the surgeon I have chosen, but am still nervous about the recovery. Anyone who has been there and can give me any tips or words of wisdom? The reviews here are so helpful and I plan to add photos and a... READ MORE

Breast Implants Weren't Cute Anymore! - Plymouth, MN

I had saline implants placed over 11 years ago and loved them up until 2 years ago. They were pretty and gave me no problems. But over the years I aged and gained some weight and my breasts ended up much larger than I ever bargained for! After much consideration I decided to have them removed,... READ MORE

Juvederm Good in Some Areas, Not in Others - Plymouth, MN

I have crevices under the corners of my mouth (oral commissures) that I wanted to try to correct with Juvederm. Also an unneven upper lip. The juvederm corrected my lip very well. It did NOT work on the oral commissures. I think mine are too deep, and also a result of sagging cheeks, so the... READ MORE

No Noticeable Improvement from Oracea

Have tried Oracea for two months now. I have severe redness, spider veins and ocular rosacea. I have not gotten any noticeable improvement in my skin or eyes (which feel stinging, burning sensations all the time) as of yet. We will see if the Derm says I should keep taking it or not. I have had... READ MORE

Radiesse Injections to Cheeks - Really Happy with Result! - Edina, MN

I had 2 sessions of Radiesse (1 syringe each) done a week apart. Injections to my cheeks, which are a bit flat, to give high cheekbone look. I am really pleased! Doc did injections thru my mouth, so there are no puncture marks or bruises on my face. He said it would not require any numbing,... READ MORE

Triactive Treatments Helped Speed Healing After Smartlipo!

I had 10 Triactive laser treatments included in the price of my Smartlipo/Vaser. My upper/lower back and flanks were done. Two weeks post op I began biweekly Triactive treatments to help with healing. Supposed to increase circulation to the areas and speed healing ,also to improve the... READ MORE

Smartlipo/Vaser Smoothed out my Bra Rolls, Muffin Top! - Edina, MN

I had smartlipo and vaser liposuction on my back and love handles 5 weeks ago. Decided to have it done after a friend had a great result on her love handles. I am very pleased so far, but won't have my final result for awhile. Still wearing my lipo garment to bed and a support cami... READ MORE

Questions from golfloosh

Liposuction for the Knees

I am 47 years old, and the shortest shorts or skirts I wear are just above the knee. My knees are chubby, and I wonder if liposuction could improve their appearance? Is knee... READ MORE

I had saline implants removed a few years ago. If I had silicone implants put in now would they feel really different?

My saline implants were ok, but firm like a water balloon (of course). No CC or anything. But do silicone implants feel noticeably softer? Or feel more natural? READ MORE

Do breast implants hinder mammograms or make it more difficult to catch breast cancer early?

I have some family history of breast cancer. Would it be too risky for me to have breast implants? READ MORE

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I had rhinoplasty with Dr Edward Szachowicz in Edina, plus a chin implant and chin lipo. It turned out really well and helped my profile so much!! He's a facial only PS. I really trust him. Recommend him for rhino. READ COMMENT

The recovery isn't bad. No pain to speak of. He gives a steroid does pack so the swelling isn't that bad either. Worst part is having the sutures in for a week to 10 days. You would have to ask the Dr about the chance of your lips... READ COMMENT

Thank you, I have gone back for a little more taken out and they look really normal now :) Yes Dr Lam removes some skin and fat and the incision is hidden inside the lips. READ COMMENT

Do not let that surgeon touch your nose again!! READ COMMENT

I thought a yag laser is used for skin resurfacing? Non ablative lasers are usually used for spider veins. I have rosacea and had mine treated successfully with only a few tiny, temporary bruises to show for it. Dang, what they did... READ COMMENT