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How natural do jaw implants look when you raise your head?

Is it possible to look like this when you raise your head?  READ MORE

What type of implant options are currently available for jaw augmentation?

Besides silicone and goretex, are there better more natural options? Thank you. READ MORE

Can you feel jaw implants when eating, do they look natural when raising yr head? I have a narrow jaw & good sized chin (Photo)

Is the division between the implants and chin noticeable? I have a good sized chin, but my jaw is VERY narrow. Or does it look natural like in these pictures: READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape the lips to make them softer and make the bottom lip bigger than the upper lip? (photo)

When I look up, my upper lip stands out and I don't like the way it looks. Is it possible to make lips softer and more proportional with fascia grafts? Will there be better and... READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape the forehead without doing an "eyebrow" lift? (photo)

My eyebrows drape over my eyes and I would like to keep them like that, but my forehead is a little bumpy. i know men are supposed to have some bumpiness, but there are guys... READ MORE

is there such a thing as lip expansion

To make lips wider horizontally? READ MORE

What advancements can we expect in the field of cosmetic surgery within the next 10 years (photos)

Will face scanners assist in achieving desired results? Will there be better and more precise options for lip augmentation? Such as making lips wider and rounder/more defined?... READ MORE

V-Y lip enhancement... is it worth it?

I've read several people reporting permanent numbness after getting it done. Is this common after this procedure? I would like lip enhancement. will there be better... READ MORE

I want to get jaw implants. Can you feel them when you chew? (Photo)

From what I've read, you can't feel them. But can you feel them when you chew? When you lie your head down to the side? thanks. READ MORE

Besides silicone and goretex, what other materials are jaw implants made out of? (Photo)

According to a website I read, there are "biological" materials that are available for jaw augmentation. I don't want goretex because I am planning on getting the implants... READ MORE

What are the side effects of getting a fascia lip graft? (photos)

A person here on realself said that his/her lips felt tight when he/she smiled and he/she felt that his/her lips were pushing his teeth back. Do your lips function as they... READ MORE

How common is it to go from a very narrow jaw to a fully defined and nicely shaped one?

Do implants that size hurt? Does it not damage the muscles if the jaw is stretched out that much? and do people not feel the implants at all? READ MORE

Bioprinted bones by 2015/2016. Will they have cosmetic applications such as cheek and jaw augmentation

A group of research developers are working on a composite made from a combination of gelatine, agarose, collagen alginate, calcium phosphate and poly-capro-lactone. Another... READ MORE

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Can you feel the jaw implants at all? like when you talk or chew food? do they look natural when you raise your head? thanks. READ COMMENT