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21 Years Old - Dermal Fillers (Teosyal)

I wish I had stuck to Teosyal/dermal fillers only (instead of turning to invasive and irreversible surgery). Before my bad surgery experiences, I used dermal fillers for the nose, cheeks, and chin with fantastic results. The good thing is that if you don't like the results, you can always dissolve the fillers. Even if you think fillers are expensive, I believe you should try it out first... READ MORE

21 Years Old, V Line Thread Lift in Korea

I had the unfortunate experience to be talked into doing a thread lift in Seoul during a consultation. I was never really considering this procedure, but they promised a V Line face shape and quick/painless recovery with a $3000 price tag. I see now the horrible results and what an unnecessary procedure it is for a young adult. Maybe the thread lift would be good for somebody over 50+, with... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - Alar Reduction and Cartilage Graft - Seattle, WA.

I think many Asians dislike their nose, finding it to be too flat, too wide, too bulbous. But I wish I could go back to my pre-op nose... please think before you have surgery, natural beauty can come in many forms. I had rhinoplasty about 5 mths ago; alar base reduction (to make the nostrils less wide), cartilage graft (from the nose/ears, not artificial implant) to build up the bridge, and... READ MORE

Early 20's, Fat Transfer to the Face... Please Think Before Doing Permanent Fat Grafts! - MVP in Seoul, Korea

I'd give anything to go back in time to reverse the fat transfers. I had fat grafted to the face in the cheeks, nasoblasial folds, forehead, and chin - they had told me this would create the illusion of a slimmer face but it has only created more problems. Whole face and head looks much wider and bigger, the fat injected is too heavy and too much making the other features on the face look... READ MORE

Questions from vbeauty

Can I reverse results from unnecessary thread lift and facial fat transfers?

Please help. Unnecessary procedures for a 20 y.o  Had a thread lift and fat grafts (cheeks, chin, nasoblasial folds, forehead) one week ago. Face now looks distorted,... READ MORE

How can I fix my nose without a revision rhinoplasty?

Had rhinoplasty approx. 5 mths ago (alar reduction + cartilage graft). Now left with a nose that has been shortened, looks upturned, frontal view looks even flatter and wider... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; upper lip lift or cosmetic dentistry?

Something that has really bothered me is my long upper lift - even though I'm young, you don't see much teeth when I smile and the distance from nose to upper lip is long,... READ MORE

1yr/6mths post fat transfer + V-line thread lifting - what can be done to reverse fat transfers?

I've read countless posts on how fat transfers to face are very difficult to reverse - other than the unpredictable results of steroid injections and micro-lipo, are there any... READ MORE

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The fat has gone down over time, but certainly not completely. Even the most non-observant friends have been commenting that I've gained weight due to my face, but I really haven't. I got the procedure done at MVP clinic in Seoul . READ COMMENT

You're welcome. Hope this has been helpful... would really advise against doing a threadlift, especially at a young age. READ COMMENT

The ideal standard of beauty is to have a "V-line face." The thread lift is not to combat effects of aging, but to pull the skin tighter and higher so the face will be more contoured and V-shaped. READ COMMENT

Hi there. The procedure was surgical, it was done under IV sedation and multiple threads are inserted into your face through tiny incisions around the face. The recovery was tough too, lots of swelling, bruising, soreness, and headaches... READ COMMENT