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Can I fix my crooked nose without rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hi, my nose was pushed to the right(9 years ago), according to the E.R doctor it was fractured but not broken, but my nasal bone seems to be straight, the cartilage is curved.... READ MORE

Can I get a prescription for propecia online?

I used to be on it about 9 years ago, expecting it to give me back all my hair, i gave it a month then called it quits(even though i didn't have side effects) I would like to... READ MORE

How would you operate on my nose? (Photo)

I fractured my nose, it happened right where the cartilage meets the bone, so just the tip of the bone is fractured, but it caused my nose to be crooked, i have some breathing... READ MORE

What's wrong with my face(besides my crooked nose) and what can be done? (Photo)

I have a protruding forehead(which you can't see well from the pic), a crooked nose, and uneven eyes, i know i need a rhinoplasty, but what else could be done to make me look... READ MORE

I look different from most people and need to blend in. Is there anything that can be done to make me look more normal? (Photo)

I look underdeveloped, I would like to know what can be don, but i would also like to know if i should grow a beard to make my jaw look fuller READ MORE