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Be careful not to do your peels to close together. If you can hold off at least 6 to 8 weeks that would be better. Your skin will start losing moisture even though you might be oily. READ COMMENT

Well the derma pen is not called a dermstamp but they can stamp your face with the derma pen. I did not like the results. When they stamp your face the holes that are created are deeper. So when I had my second one I ask the nurse not... READ COMMENT

I just had my second pen needling done on the full face.That was on the 9th. Not really seeing results yet. The nurse said by the third one you should start seeing results. READ COMMENT

I have tried retin A in different strengths and my skin just tears up. I have even done .25 every third day and still same results. I heard there is a micronized retin A . I will give it a try. Thanks for the advice. READ COMMENT

I usually don't put anything on my skin until I really start peeling. I can't use heavy creams or oils. They make my face break out. Do you have any suggestions? My skin does get very dry after peels. READ COMMENT