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I'm hoping somone can tell me where to go to post a photo... thank you READ COMMENT

Thank you for the website. How do you post pics and is it against the law to post nude pics online? I hesitate to share my before and after photos lol c don't want to be arrested. READ COMMENT

Wow. . Very interesting to hear you talk of MTHFR because I just did the test yesterday to see if I have it. .Won't know until next week and I too have been purchasing from Vitscost for over 10 years.. good luck to you. READ COMMENT

Mine are also saline but I have issues... you are fortunate. Our bodies don't like any foreign object in us no matter what it is made of. tries to fight it with antibodies that can cause problems READ COMMENT

Why is it important to take the capsules out? It is the scar tissue correct? My dr says I don't have much scar tissue so he will leave it in because of the bleeding that comes from that and my blood disorder I may bleed too much... why... READ COMMENT