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I think a full C with a crease incision, silicon gel...of course a PS will take your body shape and height and etc into account but you aren't totally flat so I think a C would be nice and crease or any incision to avoid the nipple... READ COMMENT

Wow, well your "original" boobs are MUCH bigger than I was. When I saw I was flat, think of a chess was really quite sad. You don't look flat to me at all so I think you will have really nice first-time results. READ COMMENT

Well I was convinced I wouldn't have kids but anyhow, the lost of sensation is NOT worth it! I hate to be graphic but just nipple stimulation could almost do it for me (before). After that nipple incision, forget it, and you will regret... READ COMMENT

Yes I was recommended to remove the capsule. The PS said I have - for sure - calcification around the implant. My dilemma is, I had no breasts before. I mean I've even looked at photos of AA cups and they seem to all be more than I had.... READ COMMENT

Saw the PS, CC in both breasts and calcification! Wonderful... READ COMMENT