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Wow still pain even after removal. That is strange isn't it. No I still have mine. Do you do yoga? Did you feel any relief @ all after removal? I haven't had shoulder pains since I healed, I do notice shallow breathing If I don't get to... READ COMMENT

I had that shoulder blade pain for almost the first year of mine. Just in a one inch specific spot on both shoulders. It was really painful and annoying but I noticed stretching my pectorals stopped it. Did you're dr teach you the... READ COMMENT

It's so strange though because I don't have any encapsulation, no other problems @ all. Finding a bra that fits correctly has been an absolute nightmare also READ COMMENT

I am having the same problem. I am an extremely healthy person and I know I do not have anything viral or bacterial going on. I feel relief only when I hold the girls up with both hands. This is leaves me to believe that it is pulling... READ COMMENT