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Do I have Dynamic Breast Deformity? I have indentations and rippling when I flex chest muscle. (photos)

I recently went for a consult to replace my saline implants with silicone gel as I have noticeable rippling in my cleavage & when I flex my chest muscle, I have an indent on... READ MORE

Capsular contracture revision - is it covered by Alberta Health Care?

If a revision is needed because of Capsular Contracture, is the cost of the surgery covered by Alberta Health Care. If it is, does it have to be an extreme case or will all... READ MORE

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Just wondering if you ever had your revision? I had the same PS in 2007 and my results look like yours with the muscle distortion plus I also have rippling in my cleavage. I'm thinking about a revision and trying to choose a PS that... READ COMMENT

Was the price $6000 in 2013? I've called around Calgary and pretty much everyone is around $10,000 this year. It would be worth the drive to Lethbridge to save $4000 READ COMMENT

Who was your surgeon? READ COMMENT

How long and painful was the recovery from the internal bra procedure? I went for a consult in Alberta for a revision and the surgeon said he would need to re-attach my pectoral muscle where it was released. Sounds similar to the... READ COMMENT

If you are thin and don't have much breast tissue definitely go with silicone. I have saline under the muscle and I'm and switching to silicone due to rippling in my cleavage. I wish I had choose silicone the first time. At my recent... READ COMMENT