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Recent Tattoo, Black Only, Upper Arm, Seeking Complete Removal

I have been wanting a tattoo for years. My partner wasn't so thrilled at the idea when I announced I had an appointment to finally get one. It isn't a decision that was spontaneous. It was the result of a long reflection and I put a lot of time in it, and choosing the place, motif and artist.... READ MORE

Treatment for Acne and Acne Scars with Biophotonic Klox (Lamp)

I've been having acne problems ever since I was a teenager. I've tried a whole lot of treatments over the years. From the usual salicylic cleaners, toners and cream, to Accutane, as well as isotretinoin topical creams. I've also taken Diane 35 for a while. The latter truly helped, but since my... READ MORE

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I've seen no Picoway near last time I checked. Eh. And I have scarring from the tattoo itself, which also slows the process. My blood pressure is the kind of low that makes doctors who take it ask me if I faint often. Really, people,... READ COMMENT

I feel you on "slightly scarred areas budging so much slower". Don't give up the hope. READ COMMENT

In fact, it'd be more like 3 to 4 times the price to go with Picosure because of the fuel and time involved. I have very sensitive skin and very low pressure in general. These are factors than aren't helpful one bit. READ COMMENT

Maybe, maybe not. I've seen lots of reviews with not much more progress than mine too. And several persons told me that this laser was a good choice for all black. Nobody has the same opinion on the internet, and I trust my doctor who... READ COMMENT

To mtenter: The hair lines are almost totally gone. Some parts have almost disappeared, but the darkest and largest lines remain very present. I guess your own situation may be different in that respect. The lines were very intense and... READ COMMENT