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EndyMed 3Deep

28 Feb 2017, Created 7 months ago

I have had this treatment done (well, I terminated it after about 2 minutes) but put "Planning" as I do not want to identify the clinic, as it is the procedure that I am discussing. The clinic is reputable, very good, and gave me this treatment free of charge and did nothing wrong, and so I do... READ MORE

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty By Expert Doctor! - London, UK

A few years ago, back in 2010 to be precise, I underwent a septoplasty procedure for functional reasons as I struggled with breathing. However, after having the surgery, my nose was left with a very weird appearance (particularly from one side) and a Saddle Nose Deformity. The anxiety this caused me was severe, and when talking to people I would always try to stand on the left of them so they... READ MORE

Questions from calumjones

Had an Otoplasty revision, still not a good result... Any suggestions?

I had otoplasty revision 8 months ago. My right ear was over-corrected in the middle and now my left ear is starting to stick out again. It's not SEVERE but is obvious and defo... READ MORE

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Same here. The treatment is WAY worse than kidney stones, it feels like burning hot coals pushed and held onto your skin. Starts off nice and then suddenly a bit warm, then hot, then BANG full on searing coals all over your flesh. And I... READ COMMENT