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Significant Pain/sensitivity After Lipo to Flanks

I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago today. My stomach is exactly what I expected - flat but with a serious scar. Also, had lipo on hips and flanks that appear to be waste of money. My hips haven't changed an inch since surgery and my lovehandles on my back look exactly the same in clothes. I love my tummy tuck but still unsure about the lipo to hips a READ MORE

My Tummy Tuck Looks Awesome - I'm Flat As a Pancake

My tummy tuck looks awesome - flat as a pancake. The recovery was very difficult and I am still not standing up straight at 6 weeks post surgery.I am starting to wonder if I really got the lipo I paid for in addition to the tummy tuck. I was supposed to get those procedure during a tummy tuck but my hips and flanks look exactly the same at 6 weeks post surgery and there are no lipo entry... READ MORE

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Mom 74 - Did I mention I have twins also! I'm glad you are having good results with your surgery. I had the same issues - just stubborn areas that needed improvement. Also, after several abdominal surgeries, and twins, I need my... READ COMMENT

Mom74 - The lipo of flanks initially (first 4 weeks or so) was so painful that I would jump if my husband even lightly touched my back. It felt like I literally had been kicked by 8 men with work boots on. By week five it felt more... READ COMMENT

Hi - the flanks have seriously calmed down! I would say they are tender but not painful. Unfortunately they still look big (and I'm not that big to start with - 5'2", 125 lbs). The tummy tuck has had great result. The hips and... READ COMMENT

Hey there - I wore a garment for 5 weeks all day/everyday. Then, I switched to spanx during the day. It's been 11-12 weeks now and there's no improvement on the hip issue. They are bigger than before surgery. Nightmare, really READ COMMENT

Kim - thanks for posting to me today. I had to check out your photos to see your unexpected results. I have to agree with you that everything looks the same as before. Isn't it strange and disappointing to see your body as it should... READ COMMENT