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Blessed life when you say a revision dose the dr put you to sleep to do it?is it fixing the little things you didn't or he wasn't happy with? READ COMMENT

Hi blessed life ,I'm bummed because my under eye area looks okay but I'm disappointed with the fat transfer to my face,the dr said it took along time to do (yes from my muffin top to right in front )but it's dissipated so fast.i mean it... READ COMMENT

I'm having my Lower eye lift n the am as well as fat grafting,I'm a little nervous. READ COMMENT

Hi I'm sorry you went through all due for a lower byoplasty&fat grafting in two wks.i just turned 50&ive been told my strangers how tired I look.about 9 a months ago I got res&the other filler around my mouth& the comments... READ COMMENT

Just wondering if you were to get more fat added later to your face would you have to get general,Anastasia again? READ COMMENT