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Fat Injection in Nose to Create a Full Tip

Due to having a previous bad rhinoplasty, I wanted to have a full tip again and less defention of my nostrils. So I had it done along with a few other small areas of concern on my face, but I see no changes in the nose.I just had fat injections into my nose and a few other areas on my face but I see no difference in the nose.. Is it possible fat can be injected into the tip and nostrils? I'm hopi READ MORE

Questions from Vices

Sillikon 1000 and Surgimend for Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

I'm interested in having Silikon 1000 placed in my tip. I currently have a product called Surgimend in my nose, however I still have alot of unnatural dents from a bad... READ MORE

Artefill Non Surgical Rhinoplasty - How Should I Wait Before 2nd Treatment?

I had Artefill placed in my nose a few weeks ago.. Looked great, but as expected the volume has already decreased significantly. How long should you wait for a second... READ MORE

Silicone Lip Augmentation Injections Vs Implants.

Can silicone injections using the gradual microdroplet technique eventually fill a lip as well as the implants that are out there? I ask this due to not having success with two... READ MORE

Glabella/Radix Reduction

Is it possible to have the Glabella/Radix (area directly between my eyes) reduced? It seems this is a unusual area for reduction. It feels as though I have a lot of fatty... READ MORE

Kenelog Injections to Radix

Will kenelog injections in the radix/glabella area decrease scar tissue or fatty tissue? READ MORE

Silikon 1000 Non Surgical Rhinoplasty in FL?

Seeking a skilled Doctor for Silikon 1000 injections in South West FL.. I have tried searching briefly on the internet with no real success. Thank you! READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reposition the Columella?

Is it possible to have the Columella ( hopefully that is the correct name, the area the incision is made for a open rhinoplasty ) moved slightly upward? What is involved if... READ MORE

Repositioning of the Nares / Columella?

I would like to have my nares repositioned similar to picture attached. How is this procedure done? Thank you READ MORE

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Thanks for sharing! I am looking into having the same procedure with Silikon for a non surgical rhinoplasty.. How is everything holding up for you? Has any bumps formed? Thanks READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for posting this. It's nice to hear after reading so much good and bad hype over Silikon. I always felt that doctors want to push for temporary fillers because they wouldn't have so many repeat patients if treating... READ COMMENT