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32 Years Old Breast Feed Two Kids Need to Fix my Boobs, Melbourne

Hi everyone I'm 32 have two kids which I fully Breast feed till they weened ? . I have always been flatter chested and teased my entire life at school even to this day about them I got used to having small boobs but then having great ones while pregnant and breast feeding I decided I would have them fixed for me once done with kids So no more children for me. I found these sites and... READ MORE

Need Recommendations for Breast Implants Who the Best Doc in Melbourne ..?

Hi I'm looking and researching getting my boobs done I'm 168 cm 59 kilos had two babies lo is 17 months all kids fully breast feed always had very small boobs now I have nothing just saggy skin and nipples its very depressing for me I do not feel comfortable any more :( my boobs don't fill a bra / so I need to know who is the best boob doctor in Melbourne please !! How many cons should i... READ MORE

Questions from Miss Jane

What Breast Implants are the best? Is a lift always necessary for a natural & perky look?

What's the best implants ? For natural but perky boobs Is a lift always needed ? Are the implants life time warranty ? So don't needed to be changed after years ..? READ MORE

What's are the different results form having a round implant vs. the tear drop?

 can the tear drop turn upside then you will be needing surgery again ? READ MORE

How common is Breast Implant rejection?

Hi how common is it for breast implant rejection ? is this something to be very worried about ? To even not go through with the surgery ? Feeling very scared .? READ MORE

Will I need a lift with implants? One breast is bigger & sagger, nipples aren't symmetrical (Photo)

I breast feed two kids and now my left breast is more droppy then the other Will I need a lift on my breasts with implants ? also one larger and one smaller implant so it has... READ MORE

1 doc recommended Nagor 360 hp, another hp nagor 290 tear drop? Which would match my wish pic?

Will Nagor hp 360 will this make me look to fake I am still wanting natural result , is going hp just that my base is not wide enough ? Wanting to get to my wish pic with out... READ MORE

I feel like my right implant is sitting weird and not in correct position. Is this normal? (photos)

I feel like my right side was the good boob before and as weeks go on it sits in the bottom skin funny and it actually lower feels like it not sitting in there I know I had... READ MORE

Did something go wrong on my right side? Do these look normal? Was my expectation too high? Why can I feel fluid? (Photo)

Second op ... Can u see something wrong ? Did I have to high standards or expectations with the out come ? I can feels ripples through them and my right feel a lot harder or... READ MORE

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Hi , Yes i did. love having boobs i just had a look at your pic ... maybe I'm feeling the same .?!? Check my photos I have been back to my doc he thinks they look great I'm unsure they both look so different to each other :( and my... READ COMMENT

Dose any one else feel ripples in there breast implants ???? READ COMMENT

Hi I had 365 cc and I'm wearing dd bra now .it depends on how u want them to look ? I wanted mine to look natural not look like I had a boob job I had breast fed 2 kids was left with nothing and my nipples were almost inverted on one... READ COMMENT

Looks great ! READ COMMENT